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Eminem – love him or hate him, you have to admit that the man knows how to get himself out there. He’s won 13 Grammy awards during his career, achieved ten number one albums if you include his work in groups, and has been listed as one of the greatest artists of all time by multiple magazines. If you want to learn what Eminem can teach you about internet marketing, read on.

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Put Yourself Out There

It’s well-documented that it took Eminem a while to succeed. He started rapping when he was still in high school, and didn’t release his first hit album until he was 25. He mentions being spit on and booed off stage in one of his songs, and when he was first signed to an independent record label, he had to have a minimum wage dish washing job to pay the bills.

But, despite all of this, he continued to put himself out there and keep working hard. It was probably discouraging and extremely difficult at times, but he kept on, and now he’s reaping the rewards of that work.

The applications of this to business and marketing are obvious. Business is tough work. Not everyone who tries to start a business succeeds – in fact, most people don’t. If you aren’t in it for the long haul, and you aren’t willing to put in some hard work, then your chances of succeeding are pretty low. If, however, you are willing to spend hours at a time working on your business, and working hard, then your efforts will eventually pay off tenfold.

Be Extreme

Eminem is despised by many for the way he acts off-stage and the things he says in his raps, but that didn’t stop him from reaching a whole lot of success. The fact is that if you do something that makes one group of people dislike you, no matter how extreme, it’ll make another group of people love you even more – with a devotion they wouldn’t have if you stuck to being more middle of the road.

This, of course, applies in your business and branding as well. You don’t have to go out of your way to do something uncomfortable to you (and certainly don’t do anything unethical to you), but make sure that your brand or business isn’t appearing mediocre or middle of the road. The middle is the one place you do not want your business to be.

Fascinate People

Partially because of how extreme Eminem is, he totally fascinates people. One reason that people find him so fascinating is the obvious discrepancy between the person portrayed in some of his raps and the way he speaks about people in other raps – for example, he has obvious affection for his daughter Hailie (and his other children as well).

This contradiction fascinates people and makes them keep paying attention to Eminem, even if they don’t like or listen to his music.

If you learn how to fascinate people, they’ll pay attention to you and your business without hardly being able to help themselves. A great book on the subject is Fascinate by Sally Hogshead.

Back It Up With Quality

And, of course, the most important factor in Eminem’s success is his talent. For all of the other factors, he wouldn’t have got as far as he has or been as acclaimed as he has if he didn’t have actual musical chops to back it up with.

No matter what else you do in your business and in your marketing, keep the focus on creating an amazing experience for your customers. That should always be your number one priority, and focusing on that will help your business more than anything else.

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