Learn Internet Marketing From Black Eyed Peas

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The Black Eyed Peas is one of the most popular and successful groups in music history and if you’ve never seen one of the performances you should really check them out. But we’re not hear to discuss their music. We’re hear to talk about what you can learn about Internet marketing from the Black Eyed Peas.

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The biggest lesson we can learn from the Black Eyed Peas is the importance of concentrating on building a brand before you worry about ‘marketing‘. People buy their albums because they like their music and because they like to watch them perform. They don’t buy Black Eyed Peas music because they were following some link that led them to a Black Eyed Peas sales page.

Years ago the Black Eyed Peas were just starting out in a garage, just a group of 8th grade rappers and they worked their way up through the little pubs around L.A. But it wasn’t until they broke out of the rap mold and started developing their own style that they became wildly popular.

When Fergie joined the group on 2002 they adopted a whole new style of dance and their music took on the futuristic overtones that set them apart from other hip-hop bands and recording stars. When you buy a ticket now to see The Black Eyed Peas in concert, you know you’re going to see a one-of-a-kind performance.

That uniqueness is The Black Eyed Peas brand. The costumes, the sound, the excitement they bring to their shows, even Fergie and Wil.I.Am are all part of the brand that is The Black Eyed Peas.

As Internet Marketers we need to concentrate more on the brand we’re presenting before we can start worrying about sales. What is it that you stand for? What makes you unique? Why should people listen to your message?

We get all caught up in this ‘build authority‘ stuff and we think the only way we can do it is by writing boring articles and blog posts. Everybody does the same thing. We crank out mindless dreck, submit it to article directories, and link to a sales page. And we can’t figure out why no one is buying.

Here’s the thing – let’s stop talking about websites. Let’s start talking in terms of using the entire Internet to promote your brand. Note – I said ‘brand’ NOT product. Yes, you have to anchor yourself on the Web with a website. But you don’t have to stay there.

Let’s look at The Black Eyed Peas. You can find their videos all over the Internet. People talk about them on music and celebrity blogs. Fergie is written up on all the fashion blogs. They have a Wickipedia page. They’ve been on talk shows. They team up with other musicians and Fergie even has a successful solo career. They had a smashing hit video that went viral when they did that flash mob dance for Oprah’s 24th season kick-off show.

All of this works toward establishing their brand. Yet, when you find all of this content about The Black Eyed Peas online, nowhere do you see a link that says ‘Click here to buy The Black Eyed Peas album”. It’s not necessary because they’ve done such a thorough job of promoting their brand that people go in search of the album when they’re ready to buy.

Now, look at your own web content. Is it dull and boring? Is it just some text on a page? Do you have content anywhere on the web other than your blog or website? Have you done anything about creating videos or guest blogging or issuing press releases to help build your brand?

And when people do find your content, is it loaded with links to sales pages and landing pages?

I’m not suggesting that The Black Eyed Peas aren’t making a conscious effort to market their product online. That would be naïve.

But the Internet Marketing lesson we can learn from The Black Eyed Peas is understanding the purpose of branding. People buy tickets to their concert because they’ve heard their music, they’ve read about them on blogs, they’ve seen their videos on YouTube – not because the saw a link in an Ezine Article. And people buy The Black Eyed Peas albums because by the time they get to the sales page – which they find on their own, by the way – they’re already confident it will be money well spent. And without ever having seen a Black Eyed Peas sales page anywhere on the Internet.

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  1. Joseph

    These guys have made it big in the music industry. It’s amazing to see that it’s not music you can learn from the but marketing as well. Thanks Steven for this article, I can see there’s a lot for me to learn.

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