Launch Timing: Best Time To Start A New Blog?

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If you’d asked me a few years ago I would have said the best time to start a new blog was the second the idea came into your head. However, I’ve learned a lot since then. Now I say the best time to start a new blog is after you’ve done a good bit of research. Otherwise, you’re just wasting time and money.

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First, before you even consider starting another blog, you need to take a look at your existing blog and ask yourself a few questions. Why do you want to start another one? Is it because you think you need to in order to increase your income? Are you bored? Have you tripped over an exciting, new niche you want to take advantage of?

Most important, take a look at your original blog to see if it’s possible to change it to get more out of it. If you’re bored, maybe you could add a new category or find another product to start promoting. If you want to make more money, maybe it’s finally time to consider creating your own products. If you’ve found a new, exciting niche, is it possible to work it into your original blog?

If you’re still intent on starting a new blog, then it’s time to do the market research. Is there even a market? If so, is it on the upswing or is it a trend that’s going to fade fast? How much competition will you have and how hard will it be to rank against them?

Is this new topic you’re interested in something that can hold your interest for years to come, because remember, it takes a while to build up an income-producing blog. And if you are interested, is there enough relevant content for you to cover to pull in a loyal following?

When all is said and done and you’ve got your finger hovering over the buy button to pick up that new domain name, think about this: Remember how much time and energy you’ve spent on this first blog and ask yourself if you have it in you to do it all over again with another blog? Look at how much money you’re making with this first blog and ask yourself if you’re willing to risk it. And if you do decide to go ahead, will you still have time to maintain your original blog? What will happen to your original blog if you slack off a bit while you’re starting the new one?

There are plenty of bloggers out there who hold down multiple blogs. Some even have hundreds. In these cases, though, in order to keep all blogs running at full speed ahead, these bloggers generally use outsourcing for content, blog commenting, and social networking, and they invest in quality software to help with ad management, statistical analysis and automated content.

So, before you jump into this new, exciting endeavor, you have a lot to think about. If you don’t believe me, go ahead and buy that domain name you’re just itching to purchase and let me know how things are going in a month or two.

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  1. Emilio Ramirez

    Great article, thanks for the lovely read.

    1. I’m glad you liked it Emilio

  2. Ben

    Some good points raised,I took a good long hard look at starting a new blog.

    It has taken me over a year to get my site going and wanted to write on other things not just WordPress.

    After looking around at possibilities I decided I didn’t want to to get bogged down with another site and just add things in that I want to talk about that interest me.

    I think that’s key, write about what interests you and let your passion for it flow in the writing others will notice over time.

    1. You’re right Ben. Write for yourself first, and follow your passion

  3. Sherry E.

    I do agree you should weigh whether to start one. But if the next blog ties into the one you already have but the purpose is different. Then I say it can work. Thank you for sharing the article! It will give me food for thought.

    1. Sherry, if the subjects of your 2 blogs are really too similar, there is really no need to start a second one…

  4. Kc @ Genxfinance

    Anytime you have enough knowledge, you know how to put it up and maintain your blog, is the right time to put it up. Of course, you need to be determined that you will do what you can, no matter how hard it gets, to pursue this. :)

  5. Rakesh

    I was writing alot and has not turned to blog. I think i should start it now. You had named some software for managing the advertisements. It will be helpful if you can name afew.

    1. Rakesh, let me tell you that if even before starting blogging, your first concern is advertisement, you should not even start blogging. Don’t get in it for bad reasons, you’ll regret it

  6. Howard

    I run 3 guest-author blogs, and my role is limited to finding new authors and reviewing their writing. From a work/income ratio standpoint, they are currently my most successful, although not my largest money makers by absolute amount.

    I also maintain a couple of personal blogs, which don’t make much money, even though I consider my writing to be of higher quality than the guest blogs. I write with more passion, but less commercial content, so I regard those as a hobby.

    For income, I’m seeing more potential in Kindle books. With all the dreck in that market, it’s relatively easy (but time-consuming) to stand out with high-quality content.

    1. Howard, it sounds like you manage a lot of blogs at once. Well done

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