Last Minute: Don’t Publish This New Post Before You Read This

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Before I hit publish on most posts I ask myself a question: Would this post be better if I broke it into two or more smaller posts? Of course, there are five sub-questions I ask myself, too, but you knew that was coming. This wouldn’t be much of a post if I didn’t tell you how I arrived at my answer.

Is it too long? Sometimes a 1,000- or 1,200-word blog post can be pushing it. Even a 500-word post can be too long if it only takes 400 words to convey your message. The average online reader will only stay on your page for 90 seconds, regardless of how long your post is. If you’re writing a longer post it needs to be packed with useful information if you expect the reader to stay longer and actually read it.

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Note: Before you split that long post, check to see if you can just eliminate some unnecessary words without cutting any of the important information. It may just be that you rambled a little.

Does it contain too much information? The average online reader only retains 60 percent of the information he consumes, so if you include too much information he’s not going to absorb it all. Better to break it into smaller posts so the reader gets the full value.

Does it cover too many topics? Searchers who come through the search engines are looking for the answer to one question. If you cover too many topics in one post they’re either going to have to sift through a lot of stuff they’re not interested in or they’ll miss your message entirely. You’ll also be helping your SEO if each post covers just one topic.

Is there enough depth? If your post is already long and you see you need to go into even greater depth in some areas, then it’s probably a good idea to break it up into smaller points so your readers can have more time to absorb the information.

Can I use it to build momentum? Doing a series of posts is a great way to build momentum on your blog. Whether it’s a three-part, five-part or 31-day series, you’ll have visitors returning day after day. You’ll also see a rise in subscriptions because nobody wants to miss the next post. If you can break a longer post down and create an interesting series, go for it.

Caution: Always be careful splitting your longer posts. Each post should address a core theme and should fully address the issue. Don’t cut a post in half just because it’s too long or just to try to force your readers to come back the next day.

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  1. Samuel

    Good points to evaluate whether your content is worthy to be published and let it be viewed by your audience.

    I have this to say though:

    Longer content tends to rank much better.

    Just my thoughts…

    Samuel from

  2. Hello Steven!

    That’s the million dollar questions for every blogger. There are too many contents available on the internet.

    But, only informative and well described contains are the king. So, after hit the publishing button these question are really so important.

    Thank you for shearing Steven…

  3. Mark

    Longer contents are the best to get referral traffic. You can even repurpose them in dozens of formats like pdf, podcasts, ebooks, presentations, etc.. and submit them over and over through several online platforms. One of the trick i use is to repurpose content and cut down them, forcing users to come back to my sites to read more. Cutting down a blog post probably don’t give much more traffic than expected.

  4. Brett Schklar

    I think you have to write a blog post that you, yourself would enjoy reading…the rest will take care of itself. ESPECIALLY if you know your audience really well!

    Different readers will have different personas. Think about that before posting a blog.

Learn how I made $36,482 online in the past 12 months.

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