Landing Page Conversion Rates: Split Testing Tips to Increase Yours

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It always amazes me when someone tells me their landing pages isn’t converting the way they thought it would and when I ask, they tell me they’re not split testing. No matter how well your landing page is currently performing it can always be better. If you’re not getting a 100% response to your call to action, then here are some split testing tips to increase your landing page conversion rates.

split testing tips increase conversion rate

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Set up more than one landing page – The only way to test your landing page is to introduce a challenger. Set up two identical landing pages, and change something on one. Drive traffic to both pages to see which performs better then delete the lower performing page and start over testing your new page. Your goal is to keep refining your page until it converts every single time someone lands on it. And until you reach that goal, you need to keep testing and eliminating, testing and eliminating.

Limit your page to one call to action – Give the visitor too many choices and he’ll just choose to click away. Limit your page to one call to action and use split testing to see which one converts better.

Eliminate distractions – Eliminate distractions. That means get rid of links, get rid of banners, get rid of unnecessary images and text. You send people to a landing page to stress the importance of getting them to complete a desired action. If you want them to opt in for you list then tell them that, in as few words as possible, and don’t give them anything else to think about.

Stay above the fold – I saw someone talking about landing pages the other day and he had this really hot tip for changing the color of the scroll bar. Why bother? People do not scroll on landing pages. Say everything you have to say above the fold, get your button in above the fold, and that’s it. If they have to scroll to take action you might as well just leave your button off the page. Better yet, don’t even put the landing page up.

Test the source – Set up a split test for each traffic source you’re using, too. You might find that you’re paying a lot of money for a completely worthless segment of traffic.

Test the keywords – Again, if you’re using different keywords to drive your traffic, do more split testing to identify the most profitable keywords.

Identify your goals – If you don’t know exactly what you’re trying to achieve with your landing page then your readers won’t either. If your tests are all showing that your landing pages suck, maybe it’s because you’re not providing a clear call to action. Research your hot-button keywords and focus your content.

Change the font – Stay away from funky fonts. A lot of computers can’t read them anyway, but some of them are hard to read. Use standard fonts like Times Roman and Arial. Use at least a 12 point font for your basic text and I recently saw someone suggesting 14 or 16 point. So definitely – stay away from teeny, tiny print.

Change the font and background colors – Maybe it’s not what you’re saying, it might just be the color of your page. Try changing your background color. Direct response advertisers suggest that blue and yellow are the best color combination. Blue instills trust in your reader and yellow puts them in a happy, sunny mood – all the better to click the button!

You’ll see a lot of landing pages with red headlines, too. I’d be careful here. The color red puts the reader on alert and makes them think ‘Danger’. Instead try using maroon or even orange. Orange makes readers feel happy and sunny and it’s actually the best color to use for your button.

Offer a guarantee – Try including a satisfaction guarantee to increase your landing page conversion rates. A lot of people are still hesitant to divulge personal information like their name or email address over the Internet. And they’re even more afraid of getting stiffed when they make a purchase.

Show your contact information – Some advertisers, Google and Facebook included, won’t even let you send traffic to a landing page unless it includes your contact information. It lets your visitor know you’re a real person and the can contact you if they have a problem. That little extra trust boost might be all you need to increase your conversion rate.

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  1. Jeffreyskang

    speaking of LPs and conversion rates, when the goal is to click on ads, it’s always better to have enough information that the visitor stays and wants to find out what else your site has to offer.

  2. David

    one thing that complicates this is some of google’s adwords rules. They do not like pages that only have a single call to action. They want to see site wide navigation on the pages that you drive traffic too.

    I also have heard that an split test is the only way to effectively test, you cannot put something up for a week and then test something else the next week. The uncontrolled variables such as the number and type of people visiting can change from day to day.

    1. Jeffreyskang

      that’s great information, david. i believe that if you make your site/page , that you’re using to split test, as nofollow noindex, google has no problem.

      this must be their response to all the spammy websites that have been popping up and bring little value to site visitors.

      you’re right, it is hard to make good business decisions based off of organic search traffic because it varies so much based on so many outlying factors.

      it’s easiest to split test when you are paying for traffic because you can somewhat control how many people visit that page in a given period of time, and then test something different.

    2. David

      That could work provided that google is in approval of the original page.

      There are a lot of people that can no longer use their google accounts for various reasons.

      Your split test page will need to be up to par and up to the rules of adwords. Because that split test page will be seeing live traffic.

      If that traffic is coming from adwords – adwords will want it to be quality. So I think the same rules would apply to the split test page as well.

  3. Icciev

    Landing page are very important, they are the introduction to your website; your way to making money. Thanks for all the great tips that will help us to enhance our landing pages.

  4. David

    Yes, a landing page that you are spending money on is indeed important to your business. It has to be good for it to work and it also has to follow the rules of the ad network you are utilizing. Google adwords is probably the toughest with the most stringent ad ‘guidelines’ or rules.

  5. David

    As far as background color goes on split page testing, I’ve heard that the Robin Egg Blue color has often been shown to increase conversions.

    I don’t have the hex code for that particular color but a google search may yield that code if you are looking for it.

    I didn’t make that up. I have heard that. So, it might be a nice background color to add to your split tests.

Learn how I made $36,482 online in the past 12 months.

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