Killer Blog Posts: A 6 Steps Guide

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A lot of my readers are not only Affiliate Marketers but also Bloggers. When you are not a very experienced blogger, you may wonder what it takes to make a killer blog post that will attract the attention of other fellow bloggers and people in your industry.

killer blog post

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Follow this 6 steps guide and you’re pretty sure to hit a home run!

  1. Have a must-read title: Your title must be as descriptive as possible of your post content. Clearly this won’t be enough and you need to put a little more effort into it. You can try to experiment with titles such as this one: “6 Steps Guide To Killer Blog Posts”. It’s a lot more enticing for potential readers. The “6 Steps Guide” part induces that it’s a very easy-to-follow guide and the benefit sounds very attractive: “Killer Blog Posts”.
  2. Talk with your readers: You don’t want to sound all high and mighty. When you are writing a blog post, always think of it as if you are explaining something to one of your friends. Don’t use over-complicated vocabulary!
  3. Get to the point: A successful blog post is not necessary a long essay. Who wants to read a whole bok when they are waiting for a blog post? There is no minimum length for a blog post: don’t hesitate to go straight to the point. A very effective way to do that is by incorporating bullet-point lists in your posts.
  4. Stay on track: Make sure every last word of your post relates to the main idea of the blog post.
  5. What’s in it for me? I hate being mislead by a blogger’s post which is supposed to be related to a topic and is, in fact, related to something totally different. It doesn’t bring me the value I was expecting, and it’s the same for your blog readers: try to make your blog post as valuable as possible. If you have the same voice as everyone else in your industry, how will that bring more value to your readers than the next blog?
  6. Capture your audience: You definitely want to write so people will read what you have to say. Using well-crafted headlines and asking questions to your readers will clearly help! This will entice your readers to leave comments on your posts and you can use these comments to write follow-up posts.

No matter what you are writing about, try to make it as personal as possible! You want to have your own voice and to make it heard! Be sure to include your opinion or observations. It will allow your readers to relate to you and your blog on a more personal level.

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Learn how I made $36,482 online in the past 12 months.

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