Killer Blog Articles: 11 Steps To Develop Them

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Writing killer blog articles is a little like riding a bicycle. Once you learn how, you never forget. It’s something you really don’t even think about because it just happens automatically. If you’re still using training wheels, don’t worry. You’ll get the hang of it soon. And here are ten steps to develop killer blog articles to help you on your way.

develop killer blog articles

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1/ You Need An Idea

Keep a small notebook handy to jot down ideas as they come to you because, as you should know by now, no matter what you tell yourself you’re never going to remember that idea when it comes time to write. And write down every idea. A killer article doesn’t necessarily have to start with a killer idea.

2/ Give It A Killer Title

I always start with the title first. Some folks disagree with me but I feel it helps you stay focused. If I write the article first I tend to ramble and cover more territory than I should in just one article. You might work differently but try it my way and see what happens.

3/ Jot Down The Highlights

You have your idea and a title so you obviously know what you want to talk about. Jot down the highlights and put them in proper order.

4/ You Need A Killer Lead

Your opening paragraph is where you’ll need to be especially creative so you can grab your reader’s attention. Tell him what you’re going to tell him and how he’ll benefit from the information and put a hook on it so he can’t resist reading on.

5/ Now It’s Time To Write

Start filling in the details on each of the points you listed. Limit your paragraphs to no more than four sentences and most important, don’t forget to actually construct paragraphs. A paragraph consists of a topic sentence that includes all the vital information and then two or three more sentences that go into greater detail.

6/ Add At Least One Killer Image

Take some time to find the perfect image for your article. Some bloggers like to use images that are almost as if you’d taken a snapshot of your article, images that clearly relay the message. Others like to use humorous images or images that make their readers think for a second. Don’t be afraid to change your style every now and then and shake up your audience.

For free images I use,, and Google Commons.

7/ Format Your Article

Now that you’ve added your image, preview your article if you can and see what it’s going to look like to your readers. Try to format around images so there’s no line break with two little words left hanging all the way over on the left. Watch bullet points and numbered lists around your images, too, because with some themes the bullets overlap your image.

8/ Optimize For The Search Engines

Make sure you’re using keywords in your headings and sub-headings and use them to break up important blocks of content. Use bold and italics sparingly. It’s fine to bold your keyword at the beginning of your article but that’s enough. Too much and all that bold text becomes distracting.

9/ Add Meta Tags

Don’t forget to choose a category for your article, then add your meta tags for SEO. While you’re at it, choose a meta description, too, for SEO purposes. I try to use either the first two or three sentences from my opening paragraph or the last couple of sentences from my closing paragraph. You can even write something completely new. Just be sure to include your keywords.

10/ Edit One More Time

If you’re like me you’ve probably been over this post a dozen times already but once you have everything formatted just the way you want it, do yourself a favor and go back for one more edit. Trust me. You’re going to find something. I always do.

11/ Publish And View

Now, hit that publish button and go gaze in wonder at the killer article you’ve just created. And then, go share it on your own social networks and bookmarking sites. Get out there and toot your own horn and let people know you’ve just unleashed a killer!

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  1. Elliott Scott

    Adding a description to your meta tags helps SEO?!?! That’s a new one for me! Thanks for the tip! I really appreciate it!

    1. If you write a nice meta description, it can be more enticing for people to click on your link and visit your site.

  2. Monica

    I tend to write the article first, then agonize over the title.
    Really, titles are the hardest part of the whole process for me, So I’m going to try it your way with my next post…

    Thanks for yet another awesome article!

    I like that you talk about formatting too, it really is all about the little details.

    1. That’s awesome Monica! Let me know how this works for you :)

Learn how I made $36,482 online in the past 12 months.

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