Kid Strategy: Be a Kid & Make Your Blog Stand Out

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Starting a new blog is always exciting. Designing a cool theme and choosing the colors makes you feel like a kid again, opening up a new box of paints. But like any new toy, the novelty soon wears off. Instead of blogging with enthusiasm, creating that fun, exciting content you did in the beginning, your blog is beginning to sound like it’s being written by a robot. Oh, to be a kid again and put the fun back into blogging!

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How To Put The Fun Back In Your Blog

Quit giving your readers “information” and start giving them your “viewpoint.” In other words, start being you instead of that nameless, faceless robot who’s taken over your body.

Make your information relevant to your audience: Don’t just provide information. Show your readers unique ways to put that information to use in their own lives.

For example, a few years ago I was testing a beta version of a WordPress plug in and I found a unique way that webmasters could use it for article marketing. Even the designer didn’t know his plug in had this capability. I built up so much interest for this plug during the pre-launch in that when he released it the designer forced me to take an exclusive affiliate link at a much higher rate than he was offering other affiliates because he knew my content was responsible for creating all the buzz.

My point is, my readers were getting the same information from dozens of other blogs but it was my unique spin on that information that convinced them to buy and we had a barrel of fun launching that plug in.

  • Express your opinion: Make your content more exciting and fun by expressing your opinion, not just the facts. Your readers can get the facts on dozens of other blogs. Heck, they can read ’em on the side of the box if they want to. But they can only get opinions from a real person and they’re only going to value that opinion if it comes from someone they trust – You!
  • Be a Super Hero: Be the first one to break the news. Be the first to show your readers that new information. Be the first to point out what’s good, what’s bad and why they need to be careful. Look out for the citizens of your blog and they’ll look out for you.
  • Be the Villain: People pay to see Batman because they like the Joker and all the other villains. Add some controversy to your blog and shake things up. Instead of just presenting information take a firm stand on one side of the issue, even if it’s unpopular. Back up your position with facts and even if your readers don’t agree with you, you’ve given them something to think about and shown you’re not afraid to stand up for your beliefs. Even if you are the bad guy.

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  1. Gill At Green Rock Connect

    I like the tip about writing as yourself and providing opinions not just information. After all, most readers read blogs because they like the author!

    1. You’re right Gill. It’s important to have your own voice. This is the most significant thing making you different from your competition.

  2. Steve Moran

    This is great advice. It is exactly what makes my website stand out in it’s field. When I go to conferences people recognize me as much as my blog.

    I have written a few blogs that have generated withering critical comments. Those are my very favorite, they never get deleted because the drive traffic.


    1. Thanks for sharing your experience Steve.

  3. Absolutely, great ideas! Better to get interest and even a debate going rather than no action. The world is filled with (mostly) information news without opinion, and I can see that the blogging world is a very appropriate place to express opinions, and get people thinking.

    1. You’re absolutely right Tiffany! Share opinions, not information!

  4. Chitra Sivasankar Arunagiri

    Great tips Steve. Opinion, Super hero and villain. I like the structure that is building with it. You are awesome, not just because of your posts but because your dedication to reach out to all the commenters of each posts.

    1. Thanks a lot for the kind words Chitra!

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