Just Took Off For A Business/Holiday Trip To Hong Kong

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The title says it all, I’m currently on a plane from Paris to Hong Kong that took off at the exact same time as this post going live.

air france take off paris hong kong

I always loved traveling, but travels cost both money and time. The time spent travelling is usually not spent developing your business… this is exactly what happened when I traveled 19000km around USA with my good friend Lekin. The trip was amazing, but my business went to a complete stop except the traffic I was receiving from SEO.

This time, things are quite different because this travel is both for work and holidays. I’ve never been to Asia before, so when I started working with a couple Hong Kong based companies a few months ago, I already had an idea in mind: visiting Hong Kong.

hong kong trip

I’ll be staying in Asia until June 30th (yup, “only” 10 days). I have scheduled a few business meetings until Thursday. I might talk about some of them on Dukeo, but you will never hear about some others because I’ll be negotiating exclusive private deals for both traffic and products.

Meeting face to face with the companies you are working with is very important to grow your business. Chat, phone calls and even Skype can’t compete with the fact of having lunch or dinner with someone.

The second up-side of this travel is that I didn’t take any “real” vacation since December 2009. I have been working my ass off for a year and a half to grow my company and develop my blog. Even though I really love my job, I was getting close to a complete nervous breakdown from all the work-induced stress.

Since I have 2 friends who have moved to Hong Kong to work there, I thought it would be nice to take a few extra days there to take a break from CPA campaigns and just have fun before getting back on the grind.

I’ll try to keep you posted on my travel from time to time, but don’t expect too many posts about Hong Kong since I really want to take some time off.

This travel will also be a crash-test for Dukeo. It’s the first time I’m leaving my desk for so long since Dukeo was launched. I took the necessary measures to keep you entertained with some fresh content every single day. Let’s hope everything will go smoothly. I’ll talk to you soon!

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Learn how I made $36,482 online in the past 12 months.

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