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Jonathan Volk Power: Quantity and Quality

Steven General

After publishing the “Who is” post about Jonathan Volk, I got advised by a friend to put the caricatures on Facebook and get the people (who are caricatured) tagged in them. Thank you Shawn Collins, this has proven to be a very wise advice!

While some of the people noticed the caricatures and “liked” them or commented on them, Jonathan seemed the more enthusiast about his and he told me on Twitter that he was going to post about it a few days later (I was pretty excited and looking forward to see the post).

thank you

Then came the publishing day: last Thursday. In less than 3 days, this great post by Jonathan: “I look realllll good…” (I invite you to comment on it!) sent me something like 250 visitors (which is an important amount of traffic for the 2 months old Dukeo) and the number is still growing.

The important thing is not only the number of visitors he sent to my website, but the fact that they visited an Average of 2.82 pages per visit and showed a bounce rate below 40%. These numbers mean that this was quality traffic as well! The visitors were not coming to Dukeo to take a quick peak and go back. They did actually spend some time exploring my website and that means huge value!

If you add the fact that the post by Jonathan includes his caricature and no less than 7 backlinks to inner pages of my website, he kindly gave me a lot of SEO value as well as an amazing exposure (and made someone else look pretty cheap).

For all of this: Thank you Jonathan!

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