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It’s been years since I looked at one of those online job sites but I can’t imagine they’ve changed all that much. If I remember correctly the interface was difficult to use, the sites were hard to navigate and even though you could upload a resume you were still just one listing in a sea of many. Why not use your blog as a job search tool and set yourself apart from the crowd?

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Personally, I think everyone should have some type of vanity blog, whether you’re working online or not. You never know when you’re going to need a resume and it’s so much better if you can just say, “Here. Follow this link and check me out.

What Should You Include On Your Vanity Blog?

An “About Me” page: Be professional, but let people know a little about the real you.

A Contact page: Include a contact form so people can immediately send you an email without having to leave your blog. Also, include your address and phone numbers, along with a fax number if you have one.

Your Resume: Create a professional quality resume on a separate page and make it available in a printable format, too. To make this easier, type your resume in your a word processing program first then copy and paste it to your blog. Then, just turn the document into a pdf and include a link on your resume page that tells people they can download and print.

Content to Showcase Your Talent: What type of job are you looking for? If you want to be an architect, blog about your designs and include images, talk about some of the different programs you’ve used, and new developments in your field. A blog post doesn’t have to be long so set aside 15 or 20 minutes every day to update your blog.

Why Should Everyone Have A Vanity Blog?

You never know when opportunity’s going to knock. Professionals in the off-line world always have an updated resume on hand just in case the perfect job presents itself. Putting all of that information online just makes it that much easier for people to find you these days.

A vanity blog is even a good idea for teens getting ready to graduate from high school. Start blogging about yourself and your interests now and by the time you graduate college you’ll have a high ranking blog that jumps out at employers as soon as the hit the Web.

The benefit of using your blog as a job search tool is that you can always instantly update your information. Learn a new skill? Add it to your blog, and you don’t have to worry about printing new copies. Plus, once you have your vanity blog up and running, you can start sharing it around social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn – places where employers hang out.

Shopping your resume on the Internet means you can promote yourself to people all over the world without having to track down addresses, stuff envelopes and pay for all that postage. So get busy setting up that blog. Somewhere out there somebody is looking for YOU.

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  1. Julian Mills

    Hi Ste
    I agree fully. I now generate a regular stream of work opportunities with my blog- around 3 or 4 decent opportunies per week. The problem now is choosing which opportunies to work on. Once you have a blog serving as a foundation for your presence online then you can “bolt on” the likes of Linkedin and Twitter to generate traffic to the blog. And the more visitors = more opportunities. Julian

    1. Congratulations on this, Julian!

Learn how I made $36,482 online in the past 12 months.

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