Internet Millionaire: 6 Easy Steps To Success

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I’ve met and held long conversations with several Internet Millionaires over the course of my career and while each of them has a different business model, they each shared a few personality traits that made it possible for them to be successful online. It’s not surprising that these same characteristics are shared by offline millionaires, too.

You Must Be Committed To Succeed

Anybody can make an extra $100 a month with a hobby, but if you want to be a millionaire then you’re going to have to treat it like a business. That’s not to say you can’t have fun while you’re at it. In fact, if you’re doing something you enjoy then the chances of you becoming a millionaire are even greater.

But Internet Millionaires are 100 percent committed to being successful. They’re willing to take risks and do whatever it takes. And they don’t use their J.O.B. as a safety net. It’s all or nothing!

You Must Be Creative

There are already millions of blogs on the Internet and thousands more are started every single day. You’ll need to be creative so you can set yourself apart. The good news is, there’s no limit to the things you can do online and “creativity” can be something as simple as having an interesting logo or figuring out a new way to say “Click Here Now” without actually saying “Click Here Now.

Eventually, in order to remain competitive and scale your business, you’re going to need to create your own unique products or services and that’s where your creativity will really come into play.

You Must Be Able To Follow The Rules

While it’s important to be brave and bold and creative, it’s also important to understand that there are certain aspects about doing business online that simply can not be changed. If you’re a rebel, you’re going to have to learn to conform a little.

For example, you’re always going to have to focus on generating traffic, which means you’re also always going to have to worry about working with the search engines and their requirements. More than one webmaster has decided to ignore Google guidelines and watched as his entire business tanked. A successful business person knows when to hold em’ and when to fold ’em.

You Must Be Willing To Take Action

Every Internet Millionaire I’ve ever met has been the type of person who takes action. You can sit and brainstorm ideas all day long but what good does it do if you never follow through on any of those ideas? A good idea is only a good idea if it’s implemented and someone takes action.

You Must Be Able To Get Inside Your Market

Some Internet Marketers seem to almost have a sixth sense with regard to their target audience. They know what’s going to be hot before it becomes hot. They know tomorrow’s trending topic today. They’re really not mystical beings, they’ve simply kept an ear to the ground so they’re always in tune with their audience.

You Must Be Willing To Step Outside Your Blog

As more and more blogs pop up the fight for visitors is heating up. It’s no longer enough to sit on your blog and dangle some good linkbait. These days, if you want your share of the audience, you have to be willing to go forth, find that audience, and drag them back to your blog. In other words, all the Internet Millionaires I’ve known have had a significant online presence away from their blog. They guest blog, they submit articles to top new sites, and they work diligently to interact with their followers in their social networks.

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  1. Kim Maiers

    What you fail to mention is how long it takes to establish your presence online, which can be very daunting. The article simplifies what Internet millionaires did to become successful.

    1. Well, that article doesn’t pretend to be able to turn every reader in a millionaire with the click on a button… Of course, building a business takes work. And internet businesses are no exceptions.

    2. Kim Maiers

      I guess the word “easy” in the title threw me.

  2. Bonnie Andrews

    I love this! Simple, compelling in its own little way and actionable. Can’t wait to share it with friends.
    Thank you!

    1. Thanks a lot for your nice words Bonnie :)

  3. Jason

    As much as you need to conform to Google, always be looking for ways to be ahead of them too. Find out what people want and add value. If you’re always ahead of the game and you’re adding true value to your market, you’re bound to have a better chance.

    1. Jason, I think that what you describe is “the next step”. But before being able to be ahead of Google, you first need to master current rules and abide by them. The best way to take advantage of a system is to know it like the back of your hand in the first place.

Learn how I made $36,482 online in the past 12 months.

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