Inspire Action: How to Write Articles That Will Have An Impact

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At one time or another, I’m sure you’ve read a blog post that compelled you to take action. If nothing else, you probably have at least one of those Make Money Online guides collecting dust on your hard drive. Regardless of how worthless that guide is, you have to give the blogger you bought it from credit – he managed to create content that compelled you to click the Buy button. Kinda makes you a little envious, doesn’t it?

Compelling content doesn’t always have to lead your reader directly to the buy button. It simply means your post inspires your reader to take some kind of action. It may be that all he does is sit back and say, “Wow! That post changed my life!” It may be that he opens up a new tab on his browser and starts looking for even more information. Or maybe, without even thinking about it, he immediately Tweets your post.

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On the flip side, your post might just compel your reader to click away from your blog and never return. It’s not the action you hoped for, but it was still a compelling post in that your reader too action as a result of reading it.

Knowing that your post can compel your reader to take any number of positive or negative actions, the question is:

How do you create compelling content that inspires the reader to take the action your want him to take?

Know Which Action You Want The Reader To Take

Every post on your blog should be written with some purpose in mind, and the more specific your purpose the better. For example, if you want your reader to subscribe to your free newsletter you can do what most bloggers do and just include a general call to action at the end of every post: Click here to subscribe to my newsletter.

If you saw that call to action at the end of a post about how to get more traffic from Google you’d probably just ignore it.

But, if you wrote a special post about all the exclusive information you include in your free weekly newsletter and how beneficial it is for your subscribers and then follow it up with a subscription box and a clear call to action, like…

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… well, you get the picture.

Know exactly what action you want your reader to take and spell it out clearly, concisely, and with authority.

Tell The Reader WIIFM

It’s hard enough to get that visitor to land on your blog in the first place. Then, to try to get him to click on a link that leads to who knows where? Well, that’s almost impossible… unless… you tell the reader how he’ll benefit when he clicks that link. Everybody always wants to know – What’s In It For Me?

Instead of telling your reader to “click here for more information,” tell him what he’s going to see on the other side of that link. “Click here to learn the how you can increase your Google traffic in just 30 days.

Aligning your call to action with relevant content is just one of the things you can do to create compelling content that inspires your reader to take action NOW.

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  1. Mitch

    There are so many bloggers who are completely missing the point of “What’s In It For Me?”

    There better be a damn good reason for me to click on your link and buy a product from there.

    If you can’t explain what I’ll gain from it, there is little chance that I’ll click on it!

  2. Sarah

    Inspiring action is really one of the keys to online marketing… You have to nudge your visitors in order to make them take the action that you want.

    It’s really not easy to do but as with everything, it’s a skill that can be learned :)

Learn how I made $36,482 online in the past 12 months.

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