Did my inner geek die?

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If you read my short biography, you can see that after graduating from High School, I studied Architecture for 8 years. These were the days when I learned the value of hard work, but these were also the days when I became a level designer for the hot video game at that time: Half Life.

The interesting thing it that designing levels for a video game help me understand the logic behind 3D modeling softwares. At that time, I would develop game levels that we would play in LANs with my friends on the weekend. Being kind of a hardcore gamer, I build several computers for myself combining parts that I would handpick after reading countless reviews, and chatting for hours with other nerds on forums and on IRC (Quakenet golden age…).

I was not really into shiny stuffy with pink, blue and green neons everywhere. I was into performance! My computers were both fast and silent. I spent a lot of cash and time in order to tweak my machines.

After having some trouble for failing too many exams at the Architecture School, I’ve had to make choices. One of them was to almost totally give up on video games because it was too time-consuming. It has been an hell of a decision because a whole part of my life was gravitating around this. But I didn’t stop my run for high-performance computers, because CAD softwares needs a LOT of resources.

Year after year, I lost interest into building myself some high-class computers. Probably because as the specs were going higher, most computers are powerful enough to perform the tasks I need done without flaws. Now the only thing that can make me crazy is when the internet is too slow because my whole work productivity depends on online stuff.

But I have a feeling that my current computer is becoming outdated. Maybe I’ll revive my inner geek to build myself a great desktop computer… Who knows…

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  1. Anon

    I find myself facing the same situation but I figured that it’s mostly because I am busy doing other stuff so I don’t have time to build my computers anymore.

    1. It’s probably better to focus on things that could bring a good return on investment.

  2. Mike

    Damn, I totally understand! I’ve had to give up on Video Games too for personal reasons (i.e. girlfriend) and it sucked!

    At least, I have been able to focus on other interesting stuff ;)

Learn how I made $36,482 online in the past 12 months.

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