Increase Blog Traffic: Here’s Why You Have To Do It

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Everything you read seems to have tips for generating traffic to your blog. Build backlinks! Comment on blogs! Chat it up on the social scene! But how much traffic does one blog need? When is enough enough? No matter how much blog traffic you have it’s never enough! Here’s why you have to insanely increase your blog traffic.

insanely increase blog traffic

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How many visitors did your blog have last month? 100? 1,000? 10,000? And what were your sales? $20? $100? $500? If you’re happy with that fine. Thank you for reading. But if you’re like me, you can never have too much traffic. You can never make too much money. And you can always do something to increase your blog traffic.

I don’t know the statistics on your blog but I can tell you this. The average blogger sees 2 to 3 sales for every 100 visitors. So let’s do the math, shall we?

Let’s say you’re selling a $27 ebook you found at Clickbank and every time someone buys on you make 75% commission. That means each time you make a sale you make $20.25. And if you had 100 visitors to your blog last month, I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt and say you made 3 sales, for a totakl of $60.75 in commission. That’s pretty good for one month. But is it enough to pay your monthly bills? Probably not. Probably far from it!

So let’s use those same figures and we’ll give you 1,000 visitors last month. Using the same product and the same percentages, that means you make $607.50 last month. How about that? Can you pay you monthly bills with $607.50? Maybe. If you’re single, you like to walk, you don’t care where you live, and you don’t eat much. But more than likely, that’s not enough to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

So let’s add another zero. Let’s say you had 10,000 visitors last month. At that rate, at those percentages, you’d make $6075.00. Now that’s more like it! You could probably live quite comfortably on $6075.00 a month. The only problem is – you only had 100 visitors to your blog last month. And it doesn’t look like it’s going to be any better this month. You need to do something to increase your blog traffic fast!

Traffic generation is a long and boring process and be forewarned – you won’t see overnight results. There are a lot of things you can do to build links and drive traffic but it all takes time to show up in the search engines. It’s almost impossible to generate insane blog traffic number within the space of just a few days. But if you’ve got the time, and you’re willing to put forth the effort, these 4 things will help bring in some fast traffic:

Blog commenting: Find blogs that will let you include an anchor text link in your comment and then make sure you leave a relevant comment so it doesn’t get deleted. You’ll have to find a lot of blogs fast, if you want to create insane amounts of traffic, but nobody ever said it was going to be easy.

Social networking: Hop on Twitter and start responding to all of your Followers. Join in the conversation and throw in your links. Be careful you’re not too spammy but you’ll be able to generate some fast traffic if you keep at it.

Forum commenting: Forum commenting helps, too. Get a link in your signature and start joining in the conversations. Make sure you making quality contributions or you’ll get booted off the forum.

Social bookmarking: Sits like Digg and Reddit are great opportunities to pick up some fast traffic. Post links to your blog and invite your followers back to your blog.

If you have the money, the best way to insanely increase your blog traffic is to pay for some PPC advertising, either using Google Adwords or Facebook or PlentyofFish. Set up some tightly targeted ads, and for a few cents a click you can generate some pretty good numbers in a weekend.

The point is, it’s very difficult to quickly generate insane amounts of blog traffic but it is possible if you’ve got the time and you’re willing to do the work. Otherwise, concentrate on providing consistent, great content, make sure you’ve got the SEO under control, and be patient. Your traffic will grow over time.

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  1. I appreciate those of you who say it’s not an overnight thing. Building a blog takes time and you have to have patience. There are so many gurus out there promising overnight success if you buy into their programs. I really appreciate that there are blogs like this that show newbies like me the ropes.

    1. Joseph

      Same here. I hate the so many chaps out there who tend to offer the get rich quick programs which are just but scams, well they’ll tend to convince someone that it really works only to know later that they are are on a get rich quick margin with your money. You also end up to realise that as Steven says here, “’s very difficult to quickly generate insane amounts of blog traffic but it is possible if you’ve got the time and you’re willing to do the work.”

      You see, this is not an overnight thing.


  2. Joseph

    Let me start by saying that I really wonder if there’s someone out there who says he’s got enough traffic to his/ her site, well, he/ she then might be out of place.

    Now some thing about this article… I very much commend the way you outline this out giving each and every one of us (the readers) a reason to think twice about the traffic we ought to have on our blogs and/or sites, which ever. The way you bring out the figures is kind of inspiring giving me an urge to look ever further to great figures.

    And for everyone willing to spend a good time and also to do the work, this is quite inspiring.


  3. Dmitriy

    Useful post. I do all of that except commenting on forums. Yes, I use forums, but mostly looking for some good info.
    So, from today I begin forum commenting. Thank you!

Learn how I made $36,482 online in the past 12 months.

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