Improve Your Health: 9 Tricks To Do It And Make More Money Online

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You have certainly noticed it, you and I are sharing a very important goal: we want to make more money online. However, in our chase for online profit, it happens regularly that we neglect our health.

If you have already read my short bio on my About page, you know that I am seeing health in a particular way since I lost several important person in my life because of illness. This doesn’t prevent me from forgetting, on a regular basis, that health is way more important than money. You can be the richest man in the world but if you have bad health, you can’t really enjoy the freedom that comes with more money.

improve your health make more money online

Of course, the more money you have, the better health insurance and high-class doctors you can afford. However, you might not already be there and on your way to riches you need to preserve your body but also take measures to have it work at 150%.

Sitting in front of your computer more than 14 hours per day, you can feel sluggish during the day, you can feel like you are missing energy and focus. It’s your lucky day: I’m going to share 9 tricks to improve your health and make more money online!

  1. Drink Enough Water: International consensus recommends drinking 1.5 liters of water per day. This doesn’t mean only tap water. You can drink water, tea, coffee… Anything with a high quantity of water in it. The vast majority of people forget the importance of drinking water and rush on sodas which are full of sugar. Drink water! It cleans your body and gives you energy, focus and motivation!
  2. Sit Up Straight: If you consider the time you are spending working at your desk, you can quickly realize the importance of sitting in a right position. Sitting up straight allows you to breath more oxygen hence improve your brain activity, keep you focused and alert.
  3. Daily Cardio Workout: Some of you may feel like they are allergic to any kind of physical activity, however we are not made to stay static all day long. To work properly, the combo brain/body needs some physical workout. There is no absolute rule to the quantity of exercise you should do, but doing at least 30 minutes of cardio training every single day should dramatically improve your health.
  4. You Are What You Eat: I totally understand how much you might enjoy eating junk food from Mc Donald or Burger King, or even shoveling nachos in your mouth as you are reading the latest posts on your favorite Internet Marketing forum. But let’s be honest, there is no secret why it’s called junk-food. You know as much as I do that this food is not good for you! Try changing your habits and having a diet consisting mainly of fruits and vegetables.
  5. Create New Daily Habits: as individuals, our daily life is a series of good and bad habits. Try to get rid of your bad habits and create new good habits. As a guideline, if you are able to do something positive for more than 20 days in a row, it will become an habit.
  6. Take A Mental Dump: if you are managing several projects at the same time, you have certainly too much clutter on your mind. Relieve your mind of every information possible by writing things down and organizing things in to-do lists. This will clam your mind, increase your focus and relieve stress.
  7. Love What You Do: Try to enjoy every moment of your life and be fully present, stop accumulating work-related stress when you are trying to have some fun-time with your friends. There is a time for each thing, try to enjoy it and create a mental and spiritual balance in your life.
  8. Set Your Goals: Make some research to find out what are the healthy body weight and body fat percentage for your height and make that a personal goal. A healthy mind in a healthy body is the key!
  9. Daily Routine: Our bodies are made to stick to a schedule. Try to set a daily routine for yourself including exercise and meals. Let your body get used to that schedule. It will free plenty of time in your mind to think about productive things while not worrying anymore about your daily routine.

If you follow these 9 tricks, you will most likely be able to improve your health. With better health comes better focus, higher productivity and generally more self-satisfaction.

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  1. Richard

    I’m a big advocate of getting in the habit of staying healthy. It actually doesn’t take very long to take a break away from work and go for a 20 minute walk, drink some water and clear your mind. Those few minutes a day will improve your productivity and overall welll being.

    1. I totally agree with you… But computers+internet have this way to suck your mind and make you forget about exercise…

  2. Great list Steven. I will have to listen to your suggestions as I’m now working with blog engage full time as a career. Sometimes it’s good to take a break when you have been working 13 hours in front of the computer. Thanks for the tips and p.s. I’m loving the blog.

    1. Congratulations on going full-time with Blog Engage! I wish you the greatest success!

  3. Buysellwordpress

    I also think that we all should take care about our health and don’t forget about it. This is the only thing that we can’t buy, even being a millionaire…

    1. When you don’t have health, nothing else matters

  4. Andrew

    Truth. I used to play Ultimate and hit the gym 3x a week, but I got a lot more sedentary in the last few years. Started doing cardio again, although I can’t breeze through the P90x Plyometrics like I used to (shamefully, I’m tired after 20 minutes) but I’m already feeling way better and I can focus longer. That’s gonna help profits :)
    All good ideas, especially about water and sitting properly.

    1. Congratulations! Don’t give up on your efforts to get back in shape.

  5. Kristen

    Great suggestions. Each of these can help improve your health or well-being. I feel like I set goals well and love what I do, but I am terrible at sitting up straight.

Learn how I made $36,482 online in the past 12 months.

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