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If everybody could sit down and write award winning content then we’d all be rich and famous authors instead of poor, lowly bloggers trying to scratch out a living. Just because you can type and string a few words together and publish them on a blog, that doesn’t mean that you’re a great writer. Sit 100 monkeys down in front of typewriters and eventually one of them will type out a complete sentence. Here are five quick ways you can improve your writing and maybe bring you closer to that Pulitzer Prize you think you deserve.

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improve your blog

Break Up Those Long Blog Posts

You won’t catch me reading one of those mile-long blog posts and I bet most of your readers don’t read them either. Make your point and get back outta there. Those long blog posts are usually just an attempt to show off their knowledge but it doesn’t help because nobody ever actually reads the whole thing.

  • Write your title first – If you’re a rambler, this will help you stick to one topic.
  • Write your opening paragraph – What are you going to teach your reader and how will it be of help
  • Outline your key points next – If they’re not directly related to your title, then save them for another post
  • Write your conclusion – Wrap it up and move along. Show’s over.

Eliminate Weak Words And Adverbs

When you’re done writing go back and eliminate weak words that take up space but don’t add anything to the content. Words like very, really, usually, literally, rather, generally, normally and that. You don’t need ’em and they just clutter up the page.

Words ending in -ly are adverbs and they’re used to modify the verb. For example, “He ran quickly around the track”, “Your traffic will grow rapidly”. Adverbs are extra words, too, just like weak words. Replace them with a more descriptive verb. “He dashed around the track,” and “Your traffic will skyrocket!

Skip The Formalities

Write like you speak, and if you speak like a college English professor, then write like and 8th grade student. In other words, this is a blog we’re talking about, not tea with the Queen. Your readers will feel much more comfortable reading your blog if you speak to them as if they were friends.

Go Back And Cut, Cut, Cut

Go back through your post and start cutting. I know. It sounds harsh. But chances are you can get rid of at least 10% of the clutter and that makes it easier for the reader to get your message.

Go Back And Format

And finally, go back and do some formatting. Use sub-headings to highlight key areas of the text. Use bullet points to draw the reader’s eye. Use bold and italics, but use them sparingly. Format your article so there’s plenty of white space. This allows the reader to scan the page and still pick up all your key points.

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  1. Eenvincible

    Thanks for this awesome post. I have failed several times because I most definitely had no idea what I was actually doing thinking I was a blogger. Now I know better. I stumbled upon your blog through a random tweet and now, I can’t get enough of it. Especially the SEO stuff! You have it done right. Thanks

    1. Thanks for the very nice words! Don’t hesitate to visit and comment again ;)

  2. Jan Bierens

    What I have found to work for regular visitors to your site is a fixed layout of the post. The flow of words guides the reader through your page and can direct the attention towards advertisements or pictures…

Learn how I made $36,482 online in the past 12 months.

Simply input your best email below to get started.

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