How-To Posts: 4 Simple Approaches

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You want to get a how-to blog up and running. However, you do not want to spend every waking hour working on your articles. The fact is that if you develop a successful system for writing your how-to posts, it really is not much of a hassle at all.

Writing valuable how-to articles make it possible for you to communicate with your target audience, positioning yourself as an expert in your niche. When done correctly, how-to articles are a great way to improve your revenue flow. The key is to give people what they want and you will be the first one on their minds when they run into trouble.

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When you are creating the template for your how-to blog, consider the needs of your target audience. Think about the information that they need and offer extensive ideas and data that they can use to suit their requirements.

Once you have established who your audience is and what they need, you are ready to start writing your how-to articles. Here are four simple approaches to help you quickly write quality educational content that your readers will appreciate:

  1. One of the first posts that you post to your blog should be an identifying article. Take this opportunity to introduce yourself to your audience. Let everyone know who you are, where you come from and why they all should listen to what you have to say. A brief article on how to use the site to their advantage is a great way to start.
  2. Another approach you can take to writing articles for your how-to blog is to express your fascination for your niche and explain why others should be fascinated as well. Give details about your experience with the niche and provide people with a how-to article that will make their projects easier, more cost effective, etc.
  3. You can also offer suggestions that will peak the interest of your target audience. Provide how-to articles that include alternative methods that people can use to get the job done.
  4. Finally, you may choose the cold hard facts approach. Some how-to bloggers choose to give their sites a real academic feel, providing educational articles on various topics related to their niche. A blog of this type will require a great deal of research, but if you know what you are doing it will be worth it. Your blog could become the online encyclopedia that people come to when they want to learn something specific about your niche.

No matter which approach you decide to take with your how-to articles, remember to keep it short and simple. Your articles should be easy to read and simple to understand. Unless your specific niche requires an abundance of advanced language to satisfy your audience, you should avoid it. Keep your articles conversational so people are able to see your personality and relate to you.

Remember to promote your blog as much as possible. Participate in social media networks to increase your web presence and credibility as an expert on your niche. The more valuable your readers find you and your blog, the more effective your how-to articles will be.

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    “How To” and list posts are always among the most read posts!

    1. Indeed, these are very popular posts. I should definitely work on writing some more list-posts :)

  2. Another great guide, thank you! I was thinking about creating a blog that would include only How To posts…

    1. In my opinion, this is a great idea but if you want to get some exposure, you should try to target a specific niche and become an authority in that field.

  3. First Website

    Making an How To post about How To posts, now that is clever! :P

    1. Want to write an How To post about my Hot To post about How To posts? I’m pretty sure this is a niche to tap into ;)

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