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Anything you do online that involves local content is good business these days. The search engines, Google in particular, are gradually focusing more and more of their attention on local searches which means, when you have localized content on your site, you’re a few steps ahead of the competition. Before we talk about making money online with a local pet services company, let’s take a look at what’s happening with local search results.

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We talked earlier about How To Make Money Online Building Websites for Mobile Phones and in that article you’ll see that, in 2010, more than 63% of the population of the US owned a mobile device of some sort. And this number continues to grow.

If you stop and think about how you use your own mobile device, you’ll see that most people value them for Internet access. And most people who use mobile devices to conduct Internet searches are looking for information about local businesses. Catering to this growing number of local searches, then, the search engines are developing algorithms that put local search results ahead of miscellaneous results in their indexes.

I’m sure you’re also aware that more and more people looking for information turn to the Internet to find it. The Yellow Pages is nothing more than a booster seat for the baby, these days. When they want to know the best hair salon in town or the phone number for the chiropractor they now turn to the Internet. So, like I said, anytime you build a website that concentrates on local content you’re already one step ahead of your competition.

Now, let’s talk about how to make money starting a local pet services company online.

Obviously, you’ll need a website or a blog. A blog is a better choice because you’ll have a wider variety of content for the search engines to index which will make it even easier for searchers to find your site.

If you’re going to start a local pet services company, then you need to include an index on your blog of all the various pet services in your area. These might include:

  • Veterinarians
  • Breeders
  • Pet stores
  • Feed suppliers
  • Dog walking services
  • Pet sitting services
  • Rescue organizations
  • Foster families
  • Vaccination facilities
  • Spaying/Neutering facilities
  • Farm animal care
  • Animal boutiques and specialty shops
  • … and any other business related to pets that may be in your area.

Include the name, address and contact information for each business and provide basic information as to the service they provide.

Once you have this in-depth index created, it’s time to think about monetizing your site. It’s not a good idea to jump into using affiliate banners and links because most of those advertisers won’t be located in your area. Visitors are going to be coming to your site looking for local information and you’ll be sending them out into Cyberspace!

Instead, contact some of those local businesses you’ve included in your index and let them know you have advertising space available on your blog. But don’t stop there. That might generate a few dollars a month but there’s a better way to monetize this type of site.

Set up a membership site and let all of those local small businesses know you’re creating a network. For a monthly fee they can have their own web page on your site and they can fill it with whatever content they like – pictures, special offers, news, gossip, whatever they want. Let them know that you’re paying for the hosting and you’ll handle all the promotion, all they need to do is sign up and start filling up their page.

If you’ve never seen a networking site, check out This is a national site, but it’s searchable using zip codes. You’ll see that each member farm or business has the opportunity to build their own page within the site and there are different levels of sponsorship available. You wouldn’t need to build such an elaborate site if you’re just going to work locally, but it will give you an idea of how it works.

As you can see, this networking concept would work well with just about any type of business or service site you want to set up. So now that you know how to make money starting a local pet services company online, you can branch out into other niches and end up covering every business in your city.

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