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Pick any random handful of Internet websites and you’ll see that they all have one thing in common. They all have some type of writing. It may be a short blog post or a longer article. It may be some other type of content like an About page or a product listing page. But it’s there on every site and someone needs to write it. If you enjoy writing, you can make money online writing those articles or other forms of web content.

make money writing article web content

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Making money online writing web content has one distinct advantage over most other types of online work. Every single website on the Internet needs content and a lot of those sites you see hire someone else to do that writing. Writing may come easy to you but most people hate it. And a lot of webmasters just don’t have the time. So when you decide to start an online writing business it doesn’t take long for you to start seeing some income. And you can build this business as fast as you like. If you only want to make pin money or you’re looking to develop a full-scale business, you can do it with this business model.

What you need to know

Obviously, if you’re going to go into the online content writing business, you need to know how to write and you need to understand SEO. By writing I mean you must be able to spell and use good grammar and you need to be able to write content that reads well and engages the audience.

By SEO I mean you must understand what it takes to get your articles indexed by the search engines. You need to understand ranking. And you definitely need to understand how to use keywords in your content without sounding spammy.

You also need to understand a little about how Internet marketing works so you can provide the type of content your clients are looking for. Some want content they can post on their blogs. Some want content they can publish in article directories. Some want a sales page or copywriting. Each requires a different type of writing and you’ll need to understand the difference.

What you need to get started

It’s not really necessary to have a blog or a website when you’re just getting started but you’re going to need one eventually so you might as well set it up now and get to work promoting it in between writing gigs. While you’re at it, don’t forget to include an opt-in form so you can start generating your own email marketing list. For those times when you need extra money or you just want to promote your service, you’ll need a list just like every other Internet marketer.

Where to find clients

There are a couple of ways you can go at this business. If you want clients right away, you can visit some of the online freelancing sites – and are good places to start. They’re free and you’ll have to register to join. And you can start bidding on jobs right away.

The drawback is, because of the way these sites do business, there’s usually a long wait between the time you bid on a job and the time you actually receive payment. On the plus side, if you’re constantly working these sites, you’ll have a steady flow of income after a short while so the waiting time won’t matter. These sites are also a great way to build up a list of long-term repeat clients.

Internet marketing forums are also good places to find new clients fast. The drawback here is that you have no protection. With the freelancing sites the client’s payment is held in escrow until you complete the job. But with the forums everything is done on faith. However, when they pay you it goes directly into your Paypal account and you have instant access to your money – with no additional fees other than the Paypal fee.

How much should you charge

The fees for online content writing can range anywhere from $1 for 100 words all the way up to hundreds of dollars per article. Not much help there, right? But I will tell you this…

You can kill your business if you charge too little. Don’t worry about trying to be competitive. Worry about how much you need to make per hour.

There are only 24 hours in a day and you only spend a few of those hours writing. You need to look at this like a business. Determine how much money you need to make to meet your monthly financial obligations and then break that down into the actual number of hours you spend writing. You may sit at your desk and work 12 hours each day, but how many of those hours can you devote strictly to writing for clients.

When you look at it that way you might be surprised to see that you can only realistically devote 4 hours a day to writing. How much do you need to make then, per hour, to meet your obligations? If you charge too little, in order to be competitive, then you’re going to have to spend more time writing to make up the difference. And if you don’t have the time to do all the writing you need to do to make the money you need to survive – that’s when your business dies.

Use your blog to post writing examples and promote your writing services and don’t forget about networking on Twitter and Facebook, too. If you’re serious about writing you can make good, fast money online writing articles or web content. Just be sure you treat it like a business.

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  1. George From Seekdefo

    I would’ve love to do this and have done this earlier but the pay is so low. I would like at least $.1 per word

    1. It really depends who you are writing for… Some people are paying well, as long as you are able to provide high-quality content. However you’ll never find anyone paying $.1 per word. It’s completely unrealistic.

  2. Marco

    First step is to offer your writing service on freelance job websites and when you gain experience and positive feedback you could brand yourself as a professional writer in order to get better clients and earn more. Also educate yourself about SEO and copywriting, which is a plus

    1. Thanks for your comment Marco!

      Knowing about keyword research and keyword density is absolutely a plus! It makes a huge difference when you’re searching for a skilled writer.

  3. Hello Steven, tons of people make money online from writing. I’ve never had that chance for one, I do not have the patience and two, I cannot write so well. For someone to do this they need to have some sort of writing experience and this is something I just don’t have.

    also as you mentioned time is a huge factor on this being profitable or not. For me it takes far to long to write and edit and format to ever seem some profit in it.

    1. Hi Brian, I do not fully agree with you.

      As with anything, experience can be acquired on your own. Maybe if someone starts writing today,they won’t be profitable, but the more they write, the easier and faster it gets. Turning this activity into a profitable business…

  4. I’ve been doing freelance writing for 5 years now. I began with the bid sites but there’s really no money there so I launched my own sites. I don’t “pay” for guest posts, but allow authors to use their own Google Adsense code to generate their income, while I profit from banners. Win-win. What anyone coming into freelancing needs to know is that there is no get rich quick method but after a few years the residual income is awesome.

  5. Rotem

    I liked the part where you calculate the time you actually sit and write, verses, how much you get payed. while sitting, working at home, sometimes it’s useful, writing your own hours, having a track of where you stand and the world around.

Learn how I made $36,482 online in the past 12 months.

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