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I’m going to tell you a little secret. I’ve been making money online for three years or so and right now I only have 2 live blogs. Yeah, I know. But I have a very short attention span. I’m interested in so many different topics and ideas that would make really great websites but I get bored writing about the same thing all the time. So, instead of setting up dozens of my own sites, I do 2 things: I write content for other people, which lets me poke into all sorts of topics, and I take what I learn writing for other people and I make money online with sites like HubPages.

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hubpages money online is a free site where you can create one-page articles, instead of having to build an entire blog or website. You can write on any topic under the sun – except like porn or gambling or the usual no-no topics – and you can add photos, maps, polls, videos, whatever you want to make your page really unique and informative. Once you have your Hub Page put together you just hit publish and you’re done.

HubPages are monetized with Google Adsense, Amazon, Ebay, and Kontera and there are people who make a few thousand dollars a month. It takes some time to build up to that kind of income, and you definitely need more than a few HubPages to do it. But here are some tips on how to make money with HubPages.

Stay away from ‘diary‘ type HubPages – People come to HubPages to learn something – how to mend a leaky pipe, how to bake the perfect apple pie, top ten movies for 2011. Telling your personal story is cool but save it for another site. HubPages is all about quality information – not personal diary entries.

  • Use keywords in your title – Obviously, to make any money with your HubPages you have to get people to read them first. And, just like any other content you put on the web, the way to get found is to use the keywords that people are using when they conduct searches. ‘My Granny’s Favorite Pie Recipe’ might sound catchy but that’s not what people are searching for. A better title would be “The Perfect Apple Pie Recipe”.
  • Provide information – HubPages suggests that your pages contain at least 600 words of original, quality content. That might sound like a lot, but at this point, in the article you’re reading now, we’re already at 418 words. See? It’s not as hard as you think!
  • Break up your text – With HubPages you can add capsules to break up your content. Adding breaks makes it easier for people to read your text online. Each capsule can have a different sub-heading – with keywords – and you can add as many as you like.
  • Add images and videos – Use images to highlight special points or show a step in a How-To Hub or make a video to show the entire step-by-step process.

What Should You Write About?

The great thing about HubPages and other similar sites is that you can write about anything you want. But the best way to do it is to choose one keyword and one topic for each page.

Here’s a bad example – You could create a really cool Hub about all the 5 Star restaurants in the United States. This would require tons of research, thousands of photographs, and miles and miles of text. Plus, the only people who would see it would be people who are looking for all the 5 Star restaurants in the United States because those are the keywords in your title.

Now, here’s a good example – If you’re really interested in all the 5 Star Restaurants in the United States, that’s great! But you’d be better off narrowing your focus down to specific cities. More people search for information on 5 Star Restaurants in San Francisco or Chicago than they do the entire country. Do a HubPage for each specific city. Your content will be better and more informative because you’re focused your attention and more people will see your pages.

With HubPages you’re paid per pageview and a portion of the Adsense revenue that your pages generate. You can also monetize your pages with Amazon products, which is a huge money maker on any site. So, instead of having one, huge HubPage, it benefits you to spread your information out over as many keyword rich titles as you can.

Instead of creating one 2400 word HubPage, try breaking it down into four 600 word pages, each with a different relevant keyword in the title. You’ll attract much more traffic to each page and, another feature of HubPages is that your readers are automatically referred to your other pages by links in the sidebar. So don’t worry about breaking your huge pages down into smaller ones. They all link together!

Link to your own pages – You can probably see where I’m going with this, but another benefit of using HubPages is that you can link from one of your pages to another. Add enough pages and eventually you’re an authority!

If you’re going to go to all this trouble to make money online with HubPages, why not just start your own blog? Because already has the PR, silly! They’re already a high ranking site, which means your pages will receive higher ranking on the search engine indexes. And because you can write about whatever you want, whenever you want, without having to blog about the same old boring topic every day.

By the way, this article is now 952 words long. See how easy that was? Now I can go write about something else!

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Learn how I made $36,482 online in the past 12 months.

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