How To Make Money Online With Google Adsense

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Internet marketers have been making money with Adsense sites for years. However, with the changes brought on by the Google Panda update it’s become imperative to make a few changes to the standard methods that were being used. In the past, it was all about attracting targeted traffic. Now, if you want to make money online with Google Adsense, you better have some quality content on your site.

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If you’ve been researching Adsense sites and you’ve been reading outdated information you’re going to be in for a big surprise. Before the update, marketers weren’t concerned at all about the content they put on the page. The only reason they even included any content was so they’d have something to house their Adsense ads. All they cared about was the click.

And the system worked, too. For a while anyway. Now though, you need to have quality, informative content on your site or you run the risk of having your Google account frozen. Quality content means something other than a paragraph you scraped from an article directory. Informative means it must answer the questions searchers are asking.

Keyword research is crucial to your success

Making money with Google Adsense involves setting up a blog or website that attracts two things: targeted ads and the targeted traffic that would want to click on those ads. The only way to match the two up is with targeted keywords.

Here’s how Adsense works. Advertisers go to Google Adwords and bid on keywords for their ads. As an example, an advertiser may agree to pay $5 per click every time someone clicks on his ad for Parrot Food. That tells Google that the advertiser wants his ad to appear on web pages that use the keyword Parrot Food.

The advertiser chose Parrot Food as one of his keywords based on the number of searches and competing sites for that keyword and the cost he’ll have to pay for each click.

You, the publisher, set up a blog or website about parrots. When you do your keyword research you see that the keyword Parrot Food has a lot of searches, very little competition, and the advertiser is paying $5 per click.

First, that doesn’t mean you will make $5 each time someone visits your site and clicks that ad. That’s just what the advertiser has to pay Google. You’ll receive a percentage of that $5 but no one really knows what formula Google uses to determine your rate. You will, however, make more on a $5 keyword than you would on a $3 keyword so it behooves you to find high paying keywords with lots of searches and little competition.

Now, when you write an article or blog post and use the keyword Parrot Food, the Google spiders are going to see that keyword on your page and they will match that ad with your content. So that ad, targeting the keyword Parrot Food will appear on your article about Parrot Food. Are you following me so far? Good.

OK. We already know there’s a high number of searches for that keyword and when someone types it into their Google search engine they’re going to see your site in the index. Assuming, of course, you’ve done the work to make your link for that particular keyword appear in the index.

When that searcher clicks on your article they’ll arrive on your blog, they’ll read your awesome article about Parrot Food and when they get ready to leave, they’ll click on that Adsense ad to find even more information. And you will make money.

To make this work though, you article must actually provide information about Parrot Food. If you only use that as your keyword and then you put some crappy content on the page the reader is going to click away. And they’ll probably use their back button to do it so they can get back to the index to find a different article. Not to mention the fact that eventually the Google bots are going to find you out and shut down your site.

Using Google Adsense to make money online is one of the most popular methods of Internet Marketing and it’s actually a lot of fun to see just how tightly you can target your traffic. Make sure you put a lot of good quality content on your site and start counting clicks. When your site starts making money, then move on and start setting up more sites. And don’t forget to fill in the payment information on your Google profile so you can start collecting those checks.

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