How To Make Money Online Starting Your Own Local Bin Cleaning Service

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When I first heard about bin cleaning services I was a little confused. Why would someone pay to have their garbage bin cleaned? Then it occurred to me that I clean MY garbage can about every 4 weeks, so I supposed other people do, too. And wouldn’t that be a cool little business to start? I mean, everybody has a garbage bin. And all those bins need to be cleaned. So I did some research and found out how to make money online with your own local bin cleaning service.

local bin cleaning money online

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Before you start any kind of business you need to know who your target customer will be. And in this case, it’s everybody in town. Unless, of course, they live in an apartment building that has one of those big dumpsters out back. But just about everybody has a trash bin that they haul out to the curb every week.

Second, you need to be able to tell those target customers about the features and benefits of your product. That’s just basic Marketing 101. The basic feature of your bin cleaning service is that you’re going to provide clean, odor free trash bins. The benefit is that cleaning those bins on a regular basis helps eliminate those horrendous odors that seep out from under the lid, and also creepy-crawlies like spiders and flies. Flies, by the way, lay eggs on and around filthy trash bins and those eggs turn into maggots! Which is enough of a selling point for me!

The next thing you’ll need to do is make sure you have the proper equipment – brushes, cleansers, a good degreaser and a deodorizer. You’ll also need a hose to rinse out the bins when you’re done scrubbing and some paper towels to dry them out. Since people put everything under the sun in a trash bin you should also have protective gloves and clothing and a well-stocked first aid kit.

Now that you’re armed it’s time to start lining up some customers and at first you’ll probably pick up a few just by going around the neighborhood and placing a flyer on all the doors. Soon, word will start spreading and you’ll pick up a few more. But one way to really jump-start your bin cleaning business is to set up a simple website.

Why a website? Well, one reason is because most people work outside the home these days. They’re too busy to visit with their neighbors and they’re not at home to see you out there cleaning the other bins in the neighborhood. Passing out flyers is a great idea, but a lot of people just throw them away – into their garbage bins! – without even reading them. But, if you state on your flyer that they can get more information by visiting your website, then they think – “Wow! This guy has a real business going here. I think I’ll check this out.

Once people start noticing that there’s someone poking around town cleaning trash bins, they’re going to want to check out your service. Because believe me – nobody likes to clean their own trash cans! These people who are looking for more information about your cleaning service are going to go to the Internet because that’s where everyone goes for information these days. And if you have a website – they’ll be able to find you.

Your site doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Just a description of your services, including the features and benefits, your fees and some good, solid contact information. And be sure to include a good picture of yourself. Seriously! It lets people know they’re dealing with a real human being and not some scam website.

Once you have a website there’s still one important thing you need to do and it only takes a minutes: Go to Google Places and register your business and website. This is a free service offered by Google that helps your business and site be found on the Internet.

Let’s say Mrs. Smith told her neighbor, Mrs. Jones, about your wonderful service but she doesn’t remember your phone number or name. Mrs. Jones will then go to her computer, like everyone does these days, and type in Bin Cleaning Service. If you’ve registered your business at Google Places then your business will be at the top of the list of names that Mrs. Jones gets back from her search.

Having a website or blog is a must for any small business these days. Nobody uses the Yellow Pages to find information any more. They all search the Internet. And a website is like a virtual sales person – it’s there, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to answer questions and provide a way for customers to contact you.

And who knows? Now that you know how to make money online starting your own local bin cleaning service, you can probably come up with all kinds of other services you can offer to skyrocket your business.

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  1. Chip Payne

    I have a brand new Trash Can Cleaning Truck, unfortunately an illness prevents me from goiing into the business. It has never been used and is a great fdesign. Would you have anybody interested is buying this vehicle.

    1. Unfortunately, I don’t know anyone interested in this. Sorry to hear about your illness.

    2. Jon Val

      Might be interested. where are you located and what equipment in included. I’m located in the southeast area and have been looking at some cleaning franchises businesses. Don’t know a lot about the business but it looks like something I might be interested in doing.

    3. Stewart

      I would like more info on the truck for sale

  2. Tess

    wow this is great ive learnt so husband and i want to venture into this business..we are in need of advise….how much roughly can we charge for a bin?if we dont afford the cleaning truck,will it be proper to collect the bins and clean them from our home?…what advise will you give?

  3. Sherrell

    Anybody knows of places here in the USA that sells equipment for the trash bin cleaning services and if there is any classes or any more info to find out more about starting your own business please advise.

Learn how I made $36,482 online in the past 12 months.

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