How To Make Money Online Running Your Own Affiliate Program

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At some point in their online marketing career, every webmaster wonders what it’s like running your own affiliate program. All those people who have products at Clickbank were just like you at one time. They were all affiliates, promoting someone else’s products. And making only a fraction of the total sale. Maybe it’s time you learned how to make money online running your own affiliate program.

make money online running own affiliate program

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It’s not as complicated as it sounds. Especially if you’ve been an affiliate for a while and you understand how the system works. Setting you your first affiliate program is the hardest and after that, it’s a piece of cake.

The ins and outs of product creation

Obviously, you’ll need something to sell. Have you thought about product creation? The key is over-delivering. Here’s how affiliate marketing works:

You, the advertiser, create a product. The affiliates, or publishers, promote your product to generate traffic and sales. Affiliates will only earn a percentage of the sale. Keep that in mind.

If your product is inexpensive, say $7, a lot of experienced affiliates, the marketers who have the big lists and can drive lots of sales, won’t even bother. There’s not enough money in it for them. You’ll be stuck with the newbie affiliates, who think that since it’s a low price they’ll be able to easily make a few sales. But they’re newbies, so the only way they’re really going to sell your product is if you have a killer sales page and you over-deliver.

If your product is more expensive, say $47 or $97, or even more, you’ll attract the big name affiliates, the marketers who can really drive the sales. But they’ll only be interested if your product is really worth the price you’re asking. Most of them can tell that just by looking at your sales page, and some will even use their own affiliate links to buy your product and check it out themselves.

The moral of the story is, don’t be greedy. Too many people think they have to make a lot of money with each sale and that’s the wrong way to look at it. When you’re creating digital products, which is what most people do their first time out, you only have to create them one time. You have no production costs.

Set your prices so it appears that you’re over-delivering and more affiliates will be interested in promoting your product and they’ll be able to make more sales. If you sell 100 units and make $1 in profit each time, you’re making a lot more money that if you only sell one unit at $47 profit.

As the advertiser, you can also decide how much commission you’re going to allow your affiliates to make. Again, don’t be greedy. Especially on lower priced products. There are some advertisers out there who allow the publishers 100% commissions. Why? Because of the backend sales they generate with their products.

Before you release any product out into the affiliate world you should always have a backend or upsell product ready to go. Then, include links and a sales page or promo page in your primary product.

For example, let’s say your first product is an ebook that teaches people how to knit and the price is $7. Before you release it, you need to create another ebook with sweater patterns for $17 and put some promotional material about it in your first ebook, along with a link that leads to a sales page.

Give your affilaites the highest percentage possible to get them excited about selling your $7 knitting book. Because every time they sell one of those, you’re getting that link to your $17 book right into the hands of a buyer who is already interested in buying your products. If you’ve over-delivered in yout $7 book, you can bet your boots she’s going to buy the $17 book, too. And you don’t have to pay your affiliates for that one. You get to keep that $17 all to yourself.

Now can you see the importance of not being greedy? Once you get that first product out there your business can just keep growing. Each product has links that lead to an upsell or a downsell, or links that send the reader to your list for an entirely different product niche. The key is over-delivering on value.

Setting up an affiliate program means you also need to promote your product to affiliates, to generate interest and get them to promote your product. There are thousands of products at Clickbank alone, not to mention all the other affiliate networks, so, like anything else online, you have to promote yourself and your product.

A good place to start is the Warrior Forum or Site Point. Both of these are forums for Internet Marketers. Give out a few advance review copies and start a buzz. Then offer your product at a special discount price so even more marketers can try it out. Be sure to let everyone know that you’re looking for affiliates and if you’ve over-delivered on value and you’re being generous with commissions, you’ll be making money online running your own affiliate program in no time.

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  1. Eric

    Great advice, any tips on strategies for those of us that are not yet ready to make their own product? I am set up with most of the affiliate networks that are structured like commission junction. Any ideas would be great that I may be able to implement on my site!

    1. Eric, there are already plenty of methods to make money online (without having your own product) explained on Dukeo, and a lot more are coming. Just stay tuned ;)

Learn how I made $36,482 online in the past 12 months.

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