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How To Make Money Online Developing Mobile Apps

Steven Jan 11, 2013 Make Money Online
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You might be surprised to learn that last year, more than 50% of cell phone usage went to connecting to the Internet in some way. That’s right. People aren’t using their phones just for talking anymore. They’re using the cellphones and mobile devices to socialize and chat and to look for information. As more and more businesses turn to the web tin increase their exposure, you can make money online developing mobile apps.

make money online developing mobile apps

Designing websites and applications for mobile devices is becoming increasingly important for offline businesses. Most online searches these days are for local information – where’s the nearest Italian restaurant or what time does the matinee start. And since people are usually on their way to dinner or a movie, or just generally on the move, these searches are being conducted from mobile devices.

Offline business are just beginning to understand the importance of creating websites that are easily viewable on mobile devices. The screens are a lot smaller, some don’t allow Flash, colors are slightly different, images may or may not appear. Special design considerations have to made, too, with regard to scrolling and navigation. Someone walking down the street or driving a car can’t spare a glance to see how far he has to scroll or where the page button is located. All the important information has to be right there on his little 2 1/2 inch screen.

So there’s a lot of emphasis being placed on mobile website development and mobile apps. It seems that no one is actually using a computer anymore, at least not as we’d ordinarily picture a computer. Everyone is on some type of mobile device. If you’re a developer, this might be a good time to think about making money developing mobile apps.

How to break into the business

I’m sure your first question is how do you even get started in this type of business. If you’re going to be working online then the first thing you should do is set up your own website or blog so you can promote your business. And since you’re targeting businesses who want mobile apps, you should probably make sure at least part of your site is for the mobile audience.

While you’re at it, create your own app to promote your own business so you have something to show potential new clients.

If you’re very brave you can set up some type of affiliate site and try pushing Android apps. You’ll find a few, at least, on Amazon and you can just use your Amazon affiliate link. However, the app market it extremely competitive as far as affiliate marketing goes and how many $2 apps would you have to sell, at 4% commission, to make any kind of money? Yeah. Maybe not such a great idea.

If you want to make money online with mobile apps the best way to do it is by developing custom apps for offline businesses. You’ll get a lot more than 50 cents an app when you’re designing an on-demand, custom product.

Where do you look for clients?

If you’re interesting in developing websites then you’ve probably already made some contacts in the offline marketplace. The clients you’ve already designed websites for would be perfect candidates for a mobile app.

Connect with website developers – If you haven’t been working in website design then you should definitely connect with other site developers. They may be able to design killer mobile websites but maybe they need help with apps. The fact that you know how to design apps will be a feather in their bonnet when they’re approaching new clients because it’s another service they can add that helps them stand out above their competitors.

You can connect with other developers on some of the Internet Marketing forums like the Warrior Forum. And you’ll find plenty of people in need of your services when you start visiting the online freelancing sites. Check out Freelancer.com and Elance.com and you’ll be amazed at the number of contractors looking for people who design custom apps.

And don’t overlook sites like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to promote your business. Twitter and Facebook are popular sites so you’ve probably already thought of that. But LinkedIn is a site for professionals – business owners – the exact sort of people who’d have need of your apps. So definitely start making some professional connections. And remember – It only takes one connection and you’ll be on your way. Anybody who can design mobile apps is in big demand these days.

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