How To Make Money Online By Parking Expired Domains

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If you’re new to Internet marketing that fact that you can make money online by parking expired domains might seem like a pretty strange idea. Why would you want to have anything to do with expired domains? How can you make money with them? And what the heck is domain parking?! But it’s a big business and once you understand what it means, you’ll see the potential for profits.

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What’s so Special About Expired Domains?

People let domain names expire every day for any number of reasons and some of those expired domains are valuable. Some may already have a good amount of incoming traffic but the owner let them expire because he went on to something else. Others may have the potential to attract traffic but they were never developed. Lots of people buy dozens of domain names at a time and then never get around to developing them, so they just let them expire. You might also find expired domains that use keywords relevant to your own already developed websites.

What does “Domain Parking” Mean?

Parking a domain name simply means that you’re hosting that domain somewhere and letting someone else generate traffic to it while you decide what you want to do with it. Maybe you’ve tripped over an expired domain that has some good incoming traffic but you don’t know what you want to do with it yet. You would park that domain at a parking service and let them put up a page that will keep that traffic coming in until you decide how you’re going to develop that site.

It’s also a handy way to get some traffic started until you’re ready to work that domain. A lot of Internet marketers buy dozens of domains a week and they can’t develop all of them at once so they might park them until they’re ready. This is especially helpful if you found an expired domain that has a popular keyword or search term that hasn’t ever been used. Like I said, many people buy domain names every day and then forget about them and they eventually expire. Some of them are valuable properties that might attract tons of traffic but they’ve never seen the light of day.

What to Look for When Buying Expired Domains

Before we can talk about making money with expired domains, we first need to discuss how to buy them. No matter what the domain name is, you’re going to have to spend a certain amount of money to buy it. Some domains can cost as little as a couple of bucks and others can cost you thousands of dollars. You want to make sure you can make a profit from your investment.

Some sites that handle the buying and selling of expired domains will also give you information about incoming links and traffic. That information will help a lot, but it’s not always available.

Look for .com domains because they’re still the most valuable. And look for domains that contain keywords or phrases that are easy to identify and remember.

How to Make Money Online Parking Expired Domains

Generally, when you park a domain, you have 2 choices – you can either use a free service or one that costs a few dollars each month. Either way, the parking service will put up a page of relevant content – usually a page of links – to attract traffic to that domain and they’ll have a number of ads on the page to generate revenue.

Like anything else in life, when it comes to parking services, you generally get what you pay for. The free services will throw up a page full of links and they’ll take a large percentage of the ad revenue each month. The paid services will, on the other hand, put up better quality content and take less of a cut from the income. Some of them even offer you 100% of the revenue in exchange for their fee.

Of course, the better choice is to go with the quality content provided by the paid parking service. Keep in mind though, that they’re only going to put up one page of content as a landing place for traffic. You could do that yourself and save yourself a few bucks a month.

If you’re thinking about parking domains you’re probably already involved on the Internet in some way and you probably already have some type of hosting. It won’t cost you anything extra to put that page up on your own server and park it yourself. And really, a parking service only does 2 things – they host your domain and they put up a page to attract traffic.

So why not host your own expired domains and put up a page of your own content to attract traffic? It costs you nothing extra for hosting, you get to control what links you’re promoting on the page (think affiliate links), plus you get to keep all the revenue. That one page might even turn into a very profitable website.

If you really want to make money online parking expired domains you need to take a look at domain flipping. Find those good, relevant, keyword rich, expired domains and park them for a while until they’re getting some good traffic numbers. Then take them to a site like and put them up for sale. Good domain names with existing traffic can generate hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars. And all you had to do was buy it and park it for a while!

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    Sounds great! How do you park expired subdomains though!?

    1. What you can do is make a 301 redirect to the www domain and monetize this page.

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