How To Make Money Online Building Niche Websites

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I love building niche websites. I think, of all the different ways there are to make money online, building niche websites has to be one of my favorites. It’s fun, it’s interesting, and it’s fast paced. And you don’t get bored blogging about the same old thing day after day after day… Here’s how I make money online building niche websites.

make money online building niche website

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First you have to find a niche

A lot of people think this is a complicated process but to me, this is the fun part. I have little sticky notes covered with niche ideas scattered all over my desk. I could probably build two or three niche sites a week for the rest of my life and still have a pile of ideas stuck to my printer. Here’s where I find my ideas…

Forums: Forums are a treasure chest of niche ideas. Just yesterday I was visiting one of the forums I belong to and someone was talking about a book they’d just read that talked about 34 changes to make in your life. One of my favorite blogs is, so I’m thinking there’s something I could do with the number 34 to create a killer niche blog, especially since it’s a popular book.

I look around forums to see what the hot topics are. A month ago, everyone was talking about Halloween and I noticed that everybody blogs about haunted houses but no one blogs about how to tell if your house is haunted. I put up a quick niche site, put some Amazon ghost hunting equipment on it, and voila! I’m selling ghost hunting kits.

Other blogs: You can also find lots of niche ideas by visiting other blogs. Any kind of blog. Like that blog I mentioned earlier, One of his posts was about 11 things you could do with Silly Putty. Silly Putty would be a great niche blog, and if it’s too competitive, I could blog about how to make your own silly putty and sell a book of recipes alongside the ingredients.

Offline: Offline you can always find ideas. Every where you turn. Television, magazines, standing in line at the grocery store and looking into your neighbor’s cart. Niche blogging is all about being able to see the marketing potential in everything you see.

What about competition?

Obviously, I don’t build every single niche website that comes to mind. I check the competition in the marketplace first. But here’s the thing… Everyone always talks about this or that market being saturated. I really don’t think that’s possible. Of course, it’s got to be a really great opportunity for me to look at building a site in the make money online niche. We all know that one really is saturated.

But I think, part of the battle that niche bloggers face is staying focused and interested in your product. So when I find something that I’d really like to promote, I find a way to promote it that has less competition. For example, the Silly Putty. I haven’t looked but I’m sure there are thousands of websites promoting Silly Putty. But how many of them are selling Silly Putty recipes?

How do I make money building niche websites?

The first thing I do is research. Researching the marketplace is crucial. If you don’t know the competition you can’t develop your own marketing plan. Like the Silly Putty idea. I know there’s competition. Now I need to find out how they’re selling Silly Putty so I can do something different.

So the first step is research and the next step is planning. What will my unique selling point be? It’s important to know how you’re going to set yourself apart from your competitors so you can do the research to find your target audience. For example, if I’m going to sell Silly Putty Recipes, I’ll be targeting mothers and children who like to make crafts, who have hobbies, who like to cook, etc., rather than people who want to buy toys.

Niche website and content creation

Once I’ve done the research and created a plan, then it’s simply a matter of setting up a niche blog, just like any other blog. I use my keywords to create a few dozen blog posts to start with and I find affiliate products to promote. For my Silly Putty blog I’d probably get an Amazon link for Silly Putty, to start with. But then I’d find a craft or hobby shop with an affiliate program, too, and start blogging about Silly Putty recipes and different ways to make your own modeling clay, etc.

Now, here’s my secret…

Like I said, I love building niche websites. But I don’t really like the promotion part. So one of the ways I make money online building niche websites is by selling off the sites after I’ve got them built. I’ll do a little article marketing and maybe build up a Squidoo Lens and a HubPage and then sell the whole package to somebody who hates building sites but loves doing the promotion. See? I make money two ways with niche websites and I have fun while I’m doing it!

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  1. Dmitriy

    Wow! Great post! Just intime. I’ve been looking for such post for 2 weeks. Thank you! Especially I liked last tip.

  2. David

    Hi Steven, that is quite interesting. I was all set to ask my top question until I read the last paragraph.

    I wanted to ask if niche marketing is even still a good idea because of all of the google changes. But I guess you answered that for me in the last paragraph.

    It’s about building them and then selling them.

  3. Buysellwordpress

    But of course, it’s not an easy thing to create a website just for selling it further

    1. Dmitriy

      If you create it just for making money it’s easy. Try it!

  4. Melissa

    The post is really much educational and includes much helpful information

    1. Joseph

      To support Melissa’s comment let me add that I also found this post quite helpful and education. Thanks for sharing the whole information with us.

  5. Olof

    Thank you for all your great information. May I ask how much traffic and how much you sell on your haunted house blog?

  6. Affiliate Manager

    A friend of mine has a large network of niche sites and he said that with Google’s Panda and Penguin updates it somewhat killed his rankings and he was actually planning on selling his sites. Did you notice any large de-ranking to yours?

    1. I still don’t get how Google is now deciding which site should be ranked high… For several search queries I saw some very shitty websites being ranked.

    2. David

      I’ve wondered if this is not a temporary think. Kind of like trying to scare everyone into a certain behavior. If bad sites are ranking, they cannot leave it that way for long.

      Perhaps in the end it will come down to manual reviews. And that means that it will become even more arbitrary. Or perhaps it will be a combination of algorithm catch with manual review.

      It will be interesting to see where this all leads to

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