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How Do I Get a Domain Indexed?

Steven January 20, 2013 No responses SEO 12 views

It might seem like a no-brainer question. If you want to get your domain indexed all you have to do is put some content on it, right? But it’s not always as easy as that, especially with all the changes Google’s been making lately to WordPress SEO.

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First, why would someone even be concerned about getting a domain indexed? If you have a domain chances are you’re building a website or blog. And as soon as you start putting content on it it’s going to get picked up by the search engines. Once that happens, you’re indexed.

However, what if you haven’t started building that blog or website yet? You could just let that domain name sit there in your registrar account. But it just makes more sense to actually do something with it, maybe make a little money or, at the very least, do something that makes that asset more valuable.

Many webmasters have dozens of domain names – some have hundreds. Some of them never even get used. But instead of just letting them sit there and gather dust they park them somewhere and try to pick up some ad revenue. In order to do that, you need search traffic, which means that domain name needs to be indexed.

The bonus is, if you get that domain indexed, the longer it sits there the more valuable it becomes, even if you never build anything on it. Eventually, when you do build that blog, all of your content will index faster and possibly even rank higher because you’re building it on an aged domain.

And if you never build a blog or website that domain is still more valuable if you decide to sell it to someone else. It’s been sitting there, on the search engine index, aging like a fine wine.

Now, how do you get that domain name indexed? Simple. You just add content. In the past you could get away with just putting up an “Under Construction” sign and be done with it. But, like I said, Google’s made so many changes over the last year or so you’re safer if you actually put some real content on there.

Set up a quick blog or website. Outsource five or ten articles, fill in with a couple of RSS feeds, and include an About and Contact page. An experienced blogger can set up a site like this in an afternoon – even if they’re writing all the content themselves.

Next, build a few backlinks – not a lot because you’re not really worried about traffic and rankings, you just want to get the site indexed. As soon as a search engine crawler notices your content on the web it’s added to the index. All it really takes is one link from another site that’s indexed – and that’s just about every site on the Internet. Add a link to a comment or link out from one of your own blogs or put a link in an article or two and you’re done.

Now, not only will the domain name be indexed and aged if you should decide to sell it, you’ll also already have some targeted traffic coming in, making that domain name even more valuable.

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