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Having an Opinion: The Secret Recipe for a Popular Blog

Steven January 10, 2013 No responses Blogging 18 views
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Like you, I visit a lot of different blogs for a lot of different reasons. Sometimes I’m looking for information, sometimes I just want to be entertained, but no matter why I’m there I always love it when the blogger let’s me know his or her personal opinion about the topic. In my opinion, expressing your opinion is the secret recipe for a popular blog.

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Opinions Help You Connect

So much of what we read on line is expressed in an news format using the third person. It’s informative and it’s easy to read, but it’s also cold and impersonal. That’s fine for a news website but with a blog we need to try to make a personal connection with the reader.

Expressing your opinion let’s the reader see that there’s a real person behind the blog. Yes, you tried it, but in your opinion it sucked. Or yes, you saw her, but in your opinion her dress was a little too low-cut. Just using words like “I” or “in my opinion” let’s a little bit of “YOU” shine through for your reader.

Opinions Are Thought Provoking

I don’t know about you but whenever I see the words, “In my opinion…” I always stop and think, “Oh, yeah? Well, let me think about that for a second. How does that work in MY life?

There are facts and then there are opinions about the facts. Opinions open your readers up to more possibilities, other than what’s there in black and white. They show your readers that you know how to think things through and they encourage your readers to do a little thinking, too.

Opinions Invite Discussion

Whenever someone says, “Here’s my opinion…” I always come back with, “Yeah? Well here’s mine!” Opinions invite discussion and debate and generally, when you use the word “opinion” it invites intelligent discussion and debate, not just a flame war in your comments section.

Don’t be afraid to express your opinion on your blog but don’t go overboard. Remember, your readers have opinions, too – and feelings. Don’t insist that anyone who doesn’t agree with you is an uneducated gorilla, because everyone has a right to their own opinion and feelings.

And never present your opinion as the gospel truth, either. Remember, there’s a difference between fact and opinion. I’ve seen more than one blogger state an opinion as fact and get shot down in flames by his readers. If you can’t back it up with facts then it’s merely an opinion and everyone doesn’t have to agree. But if you present it right, everyone will be engaged. And that’s what makes a popular blog.

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