Guest Post Submissions: Managing Them Efficiently

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Once you start accepting guest blog posts you’re going to have to come up with a system for managing all those submissions. Especially if you have an established blog that’s getting some good traffic. Guest bloggers will soon find you and start submitting articles left and right. Here are some tips to help you manage things so you don’t get bogged down and lose some great content.

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Publish Your Submission Guidelines

Not all bloggers accept guest blog posts on a regular basis. Some don’t even solicit guest posts, choosing instead to just publish one if it finds its way across their desk and it’s particularly remarkable. If this is how you handle guest posting on your blog, then you probably don’t need to worry about managing a lot of posts. However, if you actively seek out guest bloggers then eventually they’re posts are going to start pouring in and if you don’t have a system you’re going to lose a lot of great content.

Set up a Guest Blogging Guidelines page on your blog and make sure it’s easy for everyone to see. Now, tell potential guest bloggers exactly what you’re looking for. Do you want them to format with html tags? What topics are you looking for? Do you have a limit on word count? Be as specific as possible.

Also let these potential guest bloggers know how you’ll handle their submissions. Do you want them to query you first (which adds another step to the process for YOU) or would you prefer they just follow your guidelines and submit their best work? When will you review their articles, when can they expect a response and when can they expect publication?

If you answer all their potential questions on this page you’ll eliminate most of the problems blog owners have with handling submissions.

Set Up A Schedule For Approving Submissions

Approving or denying submissions will be a regular task, just like everything else you do, so block out some time once or twice a week to approve or deny submissions and reply to the guest bloggers to let them know your decision and when they can expect to see their article published. As with all your other emails, open their email, read their article, make a decision and reply, so you can move on to the next email.

Set Up A Schedule For Guest Post Publication

Some blog owners publish guest blog posts as soon as they come in but if you’re getting a dozen submissions a week you might as well turn your blog into an article directory. (Which isn’t a bad idea if you do it right.) Remember, your followers initially started following your blog because they liked hearing from YOU.

Once you’ve decided to publish a guest post don’t stick it in a file or flag that email to save it for later. I made that mistake in the beginning and lost a few really great quality posts. (And probably angered a few guest bloggers who’d gone to great pains writing those articles.)

Set up a schedule for publishing guest posts so your readers and your guest bloggers know what to expect. Now, when you receive an acceptable article, all you have to do is load it up on your blog and schedule it to publish on the next available day for guest bloggers.

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  1. Cynthia

    I love guest post because it brings something new to your site. I want to start a new series of articles in the new year so I will be looking for guest authors at that time to help the new topic. Thank you for the guidelines. That is really helpful.


    1. You’re welcome Cynthia! Let me know how the post series go.

Learn how I made $36,482 online in the past 12 months.

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