Guest Post Fear: Understand Why You’re Scared And Move Forward

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Every time I read a blog post about guest blogging I see the same thing in the comments afterward.

They thank the blogger for the tips and tell him they’re going to use them when they “have time” or “get around to it.

But I never see any of these commentor’s names pop up in a byline.


Because most of the are terrified to write a guest post.

If you are too, here’s how you can beat that fear.

Reasons why people are afraid to write a guest post

The blogger will laugh at them: First of all – so what? You need to develop a thicker skin if you want to be a blogger.

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Secondly, most bloggers don’t have time to write you an email just to laugh at you. If they find it that hilarious they’ll just delete your email and move on. If they do email you, it will be because they’re interested in your post and maybe they have a few suggestions to help make it better.

And lastly, any A-list blogger concerned about his own blog and reputation will never name names and poke fun of another blogger on his blog. It’s just not good manners.

The readers will eat them alive: Again – So what? It’s not like they can reach through your monitor and literally tear you to shreds. Man up or move on.

Their post will tarnish the reputation of the other blog: This is a legitimate concern but here’s how you need to look at it – That other blogger has complete control over what he chooses to publish on his own blog. In the end, it’s his reputation at stake no matter whose name is on the post. He’s not going to publish your post if he feels it would be harmful for his readers or his reputation.

How To Overcome Your Fears of Writing a Guest Post

Read the blog: Spend all the time you need reading the other blog until you feel comfortable with the blogger and his readers. It’s that simple. You don’t have to decide today that you’re going to submit a guest post and crank it out tonight. Take your time and get to know the blog.

Read the comments: While you’re reading the posts, also read the comments. Look at the name on the comments, too, and get to know that active commentors. What kind of content do they seem to like? What questions are they asking?

Build a relationship first: Take some time to build a relationship with the blog owner and the commentors. Start leaving your own comments on that blog. The blog owner and the active commentors will get to know your name and they’ll be less likely to attack you when you do submit a guest post because you’ll be part of their community.

Do the research: Submit a well-researched, well-written, unique and original guest post. Again, take your time and verify all your information. This is your chance to look like an expert in front of a whole new audience. Don’t ruin it by dashing off a sloppily written blog post.

Cite your sources: Cite at least one high-quality resource in your post and include the link. Most bloggers will allow links to cite sources. You’re the new kid on the block and citing a high-quality source makes you look more credible.

It’s not about you: Your guest post should never be about you or about promoting your blog, product, or service. It’s all about the readers. Provide useful, actionable information and leave your hype at home.

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  1. Believe it or not Steven I was once terrified to write guest posts ;)

    Using the tips you mentioned above, I scored guest posting gigs, more than a few.

    You need to go where you fear to go, to succeed online.

    Thanks for sharing!


    1. Ryan, when I see how active you are on blogs and how often I see your name in bylines all over the place, I certainly have a hard time believing that you were terrified of guest posts ;)

      You’re a very good example of someone who overcame his fears to get one step closer to success.

  2. Karan

    Nice tips to overcome guest blogging fear, hopefully now I’ll able to send guest posts to fellow bloggers with similar blogging niche as mine and hope that will help me to drive a little more traffic to my website.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Karan, I can only hope that you’re really going to take action and not just putting this idea in a closet until “you get around to it”.

      If you don’t go for it, it’s not going to happen by itself.

      Keep me posted on your progress :)

  3. Teressa Campbell

    Steven, thanks for sharing this post! It does take the edge off posting when you take the time and research the blog. Knowing in advance what both the blog owner and the readers like makes it less scary.

Learn how I made $36,482 online in the past 12 months.

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