Guest Blogging Success: 7 Secrets

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One way to attract people to your blog is to write guest blog posts for other blog sites. Keep reading for seven amazing secrets that will help you achieve maximum success in all of your guest blogging ventures.

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1/ Be Confident When You Pitch Your Ideas

When it comes to guest posting, you need a great pitch or else you will fail right out of the gate. It is important for your pitch to radiate confidence. Go ahead and write the post that you want to propose before you do your pitch. This will help you to promote your idea with greater success.

2/ Grab Attention Instantly

You need to focus on grabbing the attention of your readers right from the start. It is important to make sure that your aptitude and effervescence is apparent as soon as someone begins reading your post.

Do not make the mistake of being quiet and cautious when you write. Begin your guest post article with an explosion that grabs the audience’s attention instantly. Then keep up the energetic flow throughout the entire article, driving readers to take action by clicking on your links.

3/ Be 100% Unique

Propose articles that no one has ever done. It is acceptable to retread old ground, but do it in a way that is fresh and captivating. Covering old topics in a new way can provide you with an excellent guest post that is destined for popularity. Just make sure that you include your own inimitable angle on the subject and you are sure to be successful.

4/ Not The Time To Promote

Shamelessly plugging your own blog in your guest post article is just not acceptable. Your article will come off looking like spam and no one will want to publish it on their website. Do not put your links in the post; instead, include them in the author bio at the end of your guest post.

5/ Finish With Style

Your ending needs to be as compelling as possible. Make sure to end your guest post article on a high note with just as much pizazz as you had in the beginning. Remember to include a call to action, compelling your readers to go in the direction you desire.

6/ Consider Your Host

Most likely, there will be some interaction with the host as they are preparing your guest post article for publication on their blog. Make sure you show them the courtesy they deserve by answering any questions that they may have and offering to help with any additional information in a quick and friendly manner.

7/ Put Your Heart In It

It is important that you commit wholeheartedly to your guest post article, so you are able to milk it for everything that it is worth. Reply to comments on your post. Promote your guest blog article on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social networking sits. In addition, bookmarking sites like Digg and Reddit are also an excellent way to get traffic to your guest blog post. The more people you send to your guest blog posts, the more people you are essentially sending to your own blog.

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  1. Anthony Kpodo

    Each of these seven “secrets” is an eye opener to those of us wishing to guest blog. I than you Steven for revealing these “secrets”

    1. I’m really glad it helped!

Learn how I made $36,482 online in the past 12 months.

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