Great Blog Content: What Is It Exactly?

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There’s lots of talk about creating “great” content or “killer” content and almost every blogger out there has an opinion about how to churn this stuff out, but here’s the thing – There’s no secret formula and there’s nothing carved in stone. And great content doesn’t take hours of blood, sweat, and tears to produce. If you want to consistently write great content, you just need to be an expert.

Are You Really An Expert?

Bloggers like to thump their chests and claim they’re an “expert” in their niche, but how many of them really are experts and how many just want you to believe they’re experts? A blogger who’s truly an expert in his niche is always just a heart beat away from his next killer blog post. Here’s how to tell the difference:

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  • A blogger who is truly an expert in his niche will be able to fire off a killer blog post without doing any research because he lives and breathes that topic
  • A blogger who is truly an expert won’t have to do keyword research because he’ll already know what searchers are looking for – he’s an expert
  • An expert won’t just rewrite the same old content you’ve seen all over the web. He’ll be able to make that content relevant for his specific audience
  • A blogger who’s an expert in his niche doesn’t have to resort to tricks like polls or contests to engage his audience. His content is automatically engaging because it’s bold and fresh and unique

What If You’re Not Really An Expert?

When you read as many blogs as I do it’s easy to tell the difference between rehashed content and “killer” content. A blogger who’s not really an expert will sound bland and boring and stilted. He’ll cite all the statistics he can find, but he won’t explain what they mean – because he doesn’t know. And since he can’t explain those stats, he also can’t tell you how they’re relevant to your situation.

You’ll also find absolutely nothing unique or original in his content. These psuedo-expert bloggers think that “unique” content simply means content that’s written in their own words, so they pull a paragraph from this article, a paragraph from that article, rewrite it and call it their own. But it’s the same old tired information you’ve seen on dozens of other blogs and there’s nothing unique about it.

A blogger who’s not really an expert often plays bait-and-switch with his article titles. He probably spent an hour researching keywords so he knows what you’re looking for, but since he’s not an expert, he can’t really answer your questions. His titles are great, but he can’t deliver on his promises.

In order to write great blog content you have to be an expert in your topic. You can use images and formatting and special writing tricks, but at best, all you’ll be doing is providing your readers with a well-written copy of the same old stuff they can find at dozens of other blogs. It’s not how you write it that matters, it’s what you write.

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  1. Aidan


    Great piece thanks.

    I was wondering what your view is on images in blogs or have you guidelines on that?

    Thank you

    1. Hello Aldan, I use images in most of my posts. It’s an easy way to get more traffic from search engines (Google Images) as well as websites such as Pinterest

  2. Malika Bourne

    I want to shout this post of yours from the mountain tops.
    to be honest,I read some one’s posts on depression last night. It caught my eye because they had used my picture. It was no copy and pasted, but the guy had used bits and pieces from several of my posts. Then, I guess he thought would add a positive note. I flipped because what he wrote was not something to say to a person who suffers from depression-I know!I reported this to the founder of where I write. I am still steaming because this guys information is dangerous the way he screwed the words around to cover that he got his info from my posts.
    I am taking a hiatus from the group. Your post had such good timing and I thank you. Do you have any suggestions how I should proceed?

Learn how I made $36,482 online in the past 12 months.

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