Granular Blogging: Limit Yourself To One Topic Per Post

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Trust me, I’ve written my share of long-winded blog posts, but sometimes it just can’t be helped. You get on a roll and you just can’t stop. Every time you’re ready to end it you think, “Wait! I gotta tell ’em just one more thing!” Read back over that post a month or two later and you’ll probably wish you’d written in a granular style – only one topic per post.

I get it, really I do. You think if you tell your reader every single thing there is to know about purple puppies in this one action-packed blog post they’ll finally understand that you are the one, the only, the true expert on the topic. They’ll have to open their wallets and buy your purple puppies now because you’ve dazzled them with your brilliant, mile-long blog post that includes links to every relevant post you’ve ever published.

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Chances are, if you look back over some of those long posts you’ve published you’ll find that your best performers are the short posts, the ones that get right to the point.

What is Granular content?

Granular means resembling or consisting of small grains or particles. Think of grains of sand. When applied to your blog posts, granular means short, sweet and to the point. Your posts should address only one topic or question. Period.

Your blog posts will be much more effective if you remember three things:

  1. Most searchers come to your blog using one keyword. That means they’re looking for the answer to one question. If they can’t find it during their initial scan of your article because it’s buried under a bunch of information they’re not really looking for, they’re going to leave.
  2. Internet readers have very short attention spans and the average visitor reads at a rate of 200 words per minute. If your blog post is 3,000 words long that means it’s going to take that person 15 minutes to read it. Look at your stats. How many of your visitors stay on your blog more than a few minutes at a time? It’s not because your blog posts are all short. It’s because they have short attention spans.
  3. The average reader will only retain a maximum of 60 percent of what he reads. If the information the reader is looking for is somewhere near the bottom of your 3,000 word blog post, even if he does read it he’s not going to remember it and on the off chance he does, he’s not going to remember where he read it.

Improve SEO When You Write In A Granular Style

When you break those long blog posts down into individual posts, not only are you serving your visitors a more manageable slice of information, you’re also helping your SEO. Each of your posts has its own URL. Break a post into four smaller posts and you just added three more links to the search engine index.

Save those long posts for truly remarkable content, something that has the capability of going viral. For you everyday blog posts, think “granular” and stay on topic, answer one question only and keep it short and sweet.

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  1. I’ve always appreciated MarkTwain’s point of view: “If I had more time this would have been a shorter letter.”

    1. Funny quote. Is it really coming from Mark Twain?

Learn how I made $36,482 online in the past 12 months.

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