Google Adsense: Should I Use It To Monetize My Blog?

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There is literally a bazillion discussions online about methods to monetize your web property. Of course, it’s very important to have at least a monetization project with various possibilities. But a lot of webmasters and bloggers are so much focused on monetization that they forget the reason why their visitors are coming to their website: valuable content.

I won’t go over the various methods of monetizations for a blog like Dukeo because that’s not the topic for today, but you must have noticed that there are some Google Adsense Ads being displayed on this website. The reason is simple: it’s the easiest way of monetizing a website. You have no research to do, and the setup is minimal. Just copy/paste some javascript where you want your ads to be displayed: it couldn’t be easier.

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Of course, I know that using Adsense ads on my pages is not going to turn this website into a cash-machine for the reason that I don’t have significant traffic to this blog (yet). I did put some Adsense ads because it was easy to setup and it lets my potential recurring visitors know that my pages will always be displaying ads. Hey, the man needs to eat after all… But for now, I prefer focusing on bringing value to my visitors by writing articles and posting fresh stuff regularly.

Obviously, as soon as I have time to do so, I will setup this blog to display targeted ads that I will pick myself. And when I’ll get enough traffic to my pages, I should be able to sell my advertising space directly to advertisers. But there is still some work ahead of me!

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  1. Google Adsense is definitely a good starting point to monetize any site, but you should move from it ASAP or your site will just make pocket change.

    1. First Website

      I would maybe not say that you should move from it, but at least find other ways to monetize your site at the same time.

    2. William Patton

      I wouldn’t exactly move away from adsense. By all means use something else as well to supplement it (or adsense to supplement your other revenue streams) but I make a very good income from my adsense ads.

      It’s certainly not pocket change for everyone, I could live on it very comfortably without me earning anything elsewhere.

    3. I hope you do realize that relying on a single income stream is extremely risky…

Learn how I made $36,482 online in the past 12 months.

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