Google AdSense Sucks: 11 Good Reasons Why

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If you want to make money on your blog or website then you have likely considered Google AdSense. Because it is free to sign up and you can make a profit, it seems like a win-win situation. However, it is not that simple. In fact, for many Google AdSense merely sucks. But why do people feel that way? Well there are at least eleven good reasons that you will find it is better to go with another way of monetizing your blog.

google adsense

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  1. There are no standards: Anyone who signs up for a site can put Google AdSense on it. You do not have to meet any requirements. You simply sign up, put up the ad and you are set. It’s really damaging because it allows so many bad sites to be a part of it. One would often expect more from a large site like Google.
  2. You no longer work for the money: You have high hopes that people will simply click because it is relevant. So you ignore the work you should be doing in favor of seeing how many clicks you can get.
  3. Those clicks aren’t worth much: You will find that the pay is quite low when you do get those clicks and it begins to add up very slowly. This almost makes it seem worthless to even give it a shot. Cashing out can take forever.
  4. High payment thresholds: You have to accumulate so much money to be paid that you have a hard time ever seeing the benefit from AdSense. Many people will never be paid a dime on it because they give up when it does not build up fast enough.
  5. It pays to write bad: You actually get paid more if people leave your site. It goes against the whole idea of getting your blog to bring in money. You are encouraging them to leave and that means that they will.
  6. Frankly, it’s hideous: There is nothing attractive about the banners and they are always an eyesore on your site. People will notice them and will either click or completely avoid them. Most choose the latter.
  7. People avoid the ads: They know it is an ad and they don’t want to be sent to an outside link. They are not up for being sold something they did not want. This means that they actively avoid the ads and you do not make any money.
  8. Many ads aren’t relevant: The system set up to create ads is not perfect. Many times you will get ads that do not relate to your site at all. Yet they are there. From time to time this could pose problems depending on which ads are displayed.
  9. Sometimes there is no (unrelated) match: When that happens they place a banner up on your site for a charitable organization. You do not get paid for those and they generally do not fit in with your topic.
  10. You would make better money elsewhere: There are a number of other methods you can use to create an income. Ignoring those methods to work AdSense will land you with less cash in your pocket and more frustrated visitors.
  11. Adsense is driving traffic away: The fact that blogs need traffic to be profitable has been discussed numerous times. The problem with Adsense is that it drives your readers and potential customers away from your pages and you have no control on that.

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  1. Akos Fintor

    Hey man,

    I completely agree on the point you’re making Adsense blows big time.


    1. I still use Adsense on some sites, but only in very limited situations (when making an extra buck with another monetization technique is not worth the effort).

  2. Kamal Singh

    Another reason is that they can ban you anytime without any proper reason,remember what happened with Zac and Gauher.

    1. Absolutely! you can get banned in a snap. However, most of the time, people who got banned were doing things that were borderline.

  3. Adi Gaskell

    What would you suggest as an alternative?

    1. I would strongly suggest trying Affiliate Campaigns or Direct Advertising sales…

      If you don’t have too much traffic or if your website is not yet recognized, pushing Affiliate Campaigns is the easiest way to go.

      Once you start getting more traction, you can start selling direct advertising by contacting companies which are advertising on your competitors websites.

      If Affiliate Campaigns are not really working for you in the beginning, try some other products, or just focus on building up your community and your mailing list.

    2. Trisha

      When you say ‘Affiliate Campaigns’ are you referring to a specific program, since you used capital letters? Or just mean in general to try using affiliate programs to make more money?

      At one time I didn’t do too badly with affiliate programs, but found them very time consuming, and I don’t have much time anymore.

      If there is something specific called ‘Affiliate Campaigns’ that might work as an alternative to adsense, I’d love to find out more about it.

    3. Hi Trisha!

      I’m referring to affiliate campaigns in general. Sorry, there is no magic bullet called Affiliate Campaigns. But there may be some kind of middle ground. If I remember correctly, I heard of some affiliate networks that can provide you with some banner code that will automatically rotate offers from the niche you specify. It may be worth the try.

  4. Julia Spencer

    In my mind, the most important reason is that people don’t pay much attention on ads, and try to avoid them. And I belong to these number of people who’re tired of an endless number of ads all over the net

    1. Well, I’m not going to complain about ads on the internet since this is how I make a living. However, putting ads everywhere only dilutes the efficiency of ad campaigns..

  5. Annetta Powell

    I have to agree with you 50%.

    The truth is there are 1000s of site owners makes a large chunk of money only from AdSense. There are millions of site which run AdSense Ads and make Zero!

    I have a very close friend who makes about 5k from different sites he own only from AdSense. Honestly, his sites are just made for AdSense. It is a very known fact that, sites with crappy content makes most money out of AdSense. If you give good content to the site visitor, they won’t click on the ads.

    I personally don’t like adsense and I have AdBlock plus add on on my browser just to avoid AdSense. I hate seeing 3 huge ad blocks within the content in any site and those Google links. And these link units are the most disturbing ones. You click on those, by accident always. I really hate when some sites add those link units on header and fooling me to think that it is another link from the site.

    Yes, if you want to make some money, make crappy sites and add AdSense. Not a good idea for an authority site.

    1. Some people do make websites just for Adsense with low quality content and paste 3 big ad blocks as high as possible on the pages. However, I’m convinced that they are using Adsense only because they are lazy. If they took the time to check which ads are being displayed on their sites, then try to find similar offers through affiliate networks, they would probably make at least twice the money.

      The problem is that it requires more time and work. And we all know how people are lazy and prefer going for the quick buck.

  6. Susan Silver

    I have considered adding adsense to my RSS feed. Since those readers are rarely going to come back to the website, then I don’t have to worry about them clicking away. You can also add them to newsletters.

    1. I had added Adsense to my RSS feed by linking Feedburner and Adsense. Just be warned that apparently, there is no way to deactivate it once it’s set.

  7. Vivek

    I too agree with you. Currently my maximum income comes from themeforest affiliate program. But I am still confused, if I should remove it or leave it on my site..

    1. Leaving it or removing it is your call. If you see some benefits to having Adsense on your site and it out-weights the cons, leave it there. But be aware that it might be driving some of your visitors away from your site.

      One thing that I do on some websites is displaying Adsense Ads only to visitors coming from Google because I determined that in these particular niches, Google visitors tend to have a low value for me.

  8. Anil Thapa

    Fact is Affiliate marketer says affiliate marketing is the best and the people who is earning from adsense says Adsense is the best.
    That depend upon your luck.

    1. I’m sorry but it has nothing to do with luck.

      I’m yet to see someone who claims that they make more money with Adsense than they would with affiliate marketing.

  9. Free Ebooks

    I have to agree with you. Content rich website’s or blogs fail when monetizing them using Adsense. I would recommend creating a ton of gaming sites (flash) as they generally pull in the clicks as most of them are very appealing ads and the young generation who doesn’t mind the ads will click them to check it out.

  10. Allie

    What is wrong with taking 2 years to make $100? Ha ha!

    I agree but for some reason I am still drawn to using it. But not on my blog, that is my baby and only what I can control goes on there. I do have articles that have AdSense and a couple of other blogs. Money is SLOW but it does pick up every month.

    I think it s good for some situations and bad for others. Just depends on the platform and/or the niche.


    1. Well…. $100 in 2 years are not going to pay the bills ;)

      I must say that I still use Adsense on some niche websites when I don’t want to invest too much time researching some corresponding affiliate offers, but the big money clearly isn’t on Adsense.

  11. Julie

    It took me 2.5 years to get my first $100 payout with them. Now I am close to my 2nd payout but I might quit them after that. I hear people are making a lot of money with them but I have yet to figure it out.

    1. The equation to make big money on Adsense is not rocket science: more traffic = more money; better ad placement = better money. But in most cases if people were investing a little time researching affiliate offers, they would probably make more money from the same traffic.

  12. Completly Agree with your all points.
    I think If we have lots of visitor then Direct Adverts selling is best option.
    What do you think?

    1. It really depends on what’s your goal with your blog… As you can see, I recently decided to remove all banner advertising from Dukeo and focus on list building.

      If you have some decent traffic and want to make some quick cash, you should either put some ads for affiliate products in your niche, or sell your advertising space directly to advertisers on a monthly basis.

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