Generic Blogging: The Right Choice for Newbies?

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One of the biggest challenges for new bloggers is finding that perfect niche, the one thing you’re interested in enough that you can always come up with something new and interesting to blog about, but it must also be a niche that has plenty of traffic and money-making opportunities. When you don’t really know how to blog for money, this can be quite a challenge. And better choice for newbies might be to set up a generic blog.

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Since the Google Exact Match Domain update you probably want to stay clear of keyword rich domain names anyway so this is the ideal time to choose a generic domain name, perhaps based on your own name or some catchy saying. Whatever you choose, the big difference between generic blogging and niche blogging is this:

With niche blogging you stick to relevant keywords, do a lot of market research, and blog about one specific topic – forever. Eventually you become known as an expert in your field and that’s when you start to generate large traffic numbers, which soon turns into income.

With a generic blog you blog about whatever you want, whether you’re an expert or not, with no real intention of ever becoming an expert in anything. Which means you don’t really have to do all of that research and you’ll always have something to blog about.

Some pro-bloggers will tell you that a generic blog is harder to monetize but I disagree. In my opinion you shouldn’t try to monetize any blog, even a niche blog, until you start getting good traffic numbers and find out what your audience really needs. Otherwise you’re just wasting your time and potentially scaring away customers. And it doesn’t take any longer to generate that traffic with a generic blog than it does a niche blog.

One example of a wildly successful generic blog is The Style Rookie. This blog was started by a young girl named Tavi Gevinson and when she started it she blogged about things that were going on in her life – school events, weekends with her family, her favorite music and books and typical teenage topics. Of course, since she was a young girl at the time, one of the things she talked about was fashion.

In the beginning, Tavi’s blog was not monetized. In fact, I believe she blogged for a couple of years with no intention of making money, it was just a hobby. At the time she was even using as her platform. Soon, however, she was getting thousands of visitors every time she posted and, because she frequently mentioned fashion in her blog, several of the top New York fashion designers started following her.

Now, Tavi appears on the cover of national and international magazines, she has her own online magazine, she gets front row seats to New York and Paris Fashion Week shows, and she’s sponsored by several big-name designers. And all because she started a generic blog as a hobby. Tavi is actually more successful than a lot of the professional bloggers I know!

They key is to generate the traffic first. Once you’re engaging with your visitors, if you’re able to think creatively, you’ll always be able to find a way to monetize your blog. And by that time, it won’t matter if you’re using a generic domain name or not. Your blog will already be established.

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  1. That is refreshing advice.If you enjoy what your are blogging about, it is better than slogging away trying to make money on something you don’t enjoy. Getting traffic is really important, and takes time and effort, but it is the key,sometimes difficult to do, but patience and consistency with good articles will win the day,eventually. Encouraging article.Thanks

    1. Thanks for the kind words Travelyn.

  2. Jerneal Gelfman @nyckidsbookshop

    Excellent read for someone like me considering to blog about what I do best. Thanks so much for sharing.

    1. Let me know when your blog will be live!

  3. Keith Matthews

    Uh…I’m sure this is already well-documented, but, hey, I’ll take a swing @ the donkey anyway…

    What’s wrong with Blogger???


    1. Several problems with blogger: I heard you can’t receive more than a certain number of visitors; and you don’t have your own domain so you’re missing a lot of opportunities seo-wise.

    2. Keith

      Purchased my own domain from GoDaddy, visitors # is sufficient and growing. Maybe I’m missing something.

    3. Nope, that’s the good way to go. Next step is getting your own host instead of using Blogger. Check my “How To Start a Blog” guide, there is an offer to get started with HostGator for only $0.01

  4. Deina

    Good advice, however I started my first blog – earthEagle’s blog (Publish The Internet is an evolution of it but still new) on a niche – Internet stuff. This ranges everything from site reviews to how-tos.

    1. Internet Stuff?! Doesn’t that include everything that appears on the internet? I would advise you to target a tighter niche if you want to build a targeted audience.

    2. Deina

      I would but I can’t think of a narrower niche. I am not an expert in a narrow niche related to internet but instead I know a bit about everything.

    3. The problem with knowing a bit about everything and posting a bit about everything, is that you are not clearly defining your audience. Try to reach too many people and you won’t reach anyone.

    4. Deina

      What would you advise then?

    5. Focus only on 1 or 2 subjects and try to become an expert at this. If you manage to show that you are an expert, you’ll become the go-to place for these subjects, and people will link more to your content.

    6. Deina

      Is communicating and publishing in the Internet (including social media, blogging (I don’t know too much about blogging yet, but I’ll try to, forums etc.) a narrow enough niche?

    7. That’s up to you Deina :) You have to pick a subject you’re comfortable with.

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