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Fresh Innovative Ideas: 14 Ways To Create Them

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Coming up with fresh innovative ideas is not that easy for everyone… Even for someone who may have a fresh idea every second, some times may come when you will simply run dry. If you are interested in never running out of ideas and be the creative mind that you want to be, read the following list of 14 ways to create fresh innovative ideas.

fresh innovative ideas

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  1. Let Life Teach You: put side by side an elder person and a young internationally-acclaimed scientist and tell me which one seems to deserve the most respect. 9 times out of 10, you will reply: the elder. Even though he may not have the same scientific knowledge, he has something that can’t be taught in school: life experience. One of the best way to come up with new ideas is to just stay aware of what is going on in the world around you: Let life teach you.
  2. Let Books Teach You: Ever wondered why, in our technology-filled world, books are still used so much? The answer is simple: we are yet to find another such effective way of transmitting knowledge. The good thing when you are reading a book is that your mind puts itself in creative mode, and you will soon be overflowed with fresh ideas.
  3. Unleash A Brain Storm: Open a NotePad or just take a piece of paper and start writing the ideas that are coming to your mind. Do not stop until you have written 50 of them. I’m not kidding, do not stop until you have written 50 of them!
  4. Let Your Readers Ask: Who knows better than your website visitor what they want to see on your website? Put a post up on your site to ask them what they want to see and make it easy for them to reach you.
  5. Grow Some Balls and Write: Sometimes, you may have a great idea but do not know how your audience will relate to it, so you just keep the idea for later. Well, that’s a big mistake. Controversy is a good thing so don’t do that anymore. Whenever you come up with an idea, even if you think it will make some people mad, go ahead and write about it.
  6. Let History Prevail: Go through your blog archive. By going through your old posts, you might have some new perspectives on subjects you already wrote about… Elaborate further and do some compilation posts linking to your previous posts.
  7. Throw It At Your Friend: Get an idea buddy. Whether he is working in the same industry or not doesn’t mind. Bounce ideas back and forth at each other. By doing this, one idea can quickly turn into a whole post series with any ideas to keep you busy for days if not weeks.
  8. Form A Mastermind Group: Regroup with some like-minded people (3+) and brainstorm ideas, bounce ideas. You will quickly acknowledge the power of creative group thinking over working alone.
  9. Separate Ideas: From time to time, you may end up writing a super long elaborate post on a subject only to find out that you spent way too much time on it. Don’t forget that posts can be split into post series which gives readers a reason to come back.
  10. Steal, From Yourself: After browsing your archive, you may find articles that could use complete rewriting and rewording to make something half new. You can rewrite it using slightly different direction and give it a second youth.
  11. Use The BlogoSphere: This one is obvious. I’m pretty sure you must be spending a decent amount of time reading other people’s blog. Why not using this time to come up with your own ideas? Get inspired by others to come up with your own ideas.
  12. Writing Schedule: I could never stress that one enough. You should ALWAYS have a buffer of pre-written posts. Put their headlines into a schedule and just skim over this schedule. You’ll most likely be able to form patterns and find new fresh directions for your blog.
  13. Google Alerts: If you are not yet, you should set some Google Alerts to email you whenever some new pages related to a given keyword are appearing. I use them to track my blog names, my own name, … By doing this, you can find some fresh ideas too.
  14. Incoming Keywords: You can use Google Analytics to know which keywords your visitors typed in their favorite search engine before ending up on your website. Use this to your advantage and write more posts about these keywords!

After using these 14 ways to create fresh innovative ideas, you still can’t come up with anything, I don’t know what I can do for you…

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