Free Signup Gift: How To Use Gifts To Increase Subscriptions


Successful online business owners are quick to tell you that traffic is not everything. If those visitors do not subscribe to the mailing list then they truly have little impact on the profitability of your site. If you want to be successful then you have to understand how to acquire subscriptions. One of the best ways is through the use of free products. After all, it is no secret that people like to receive something free. While this concept may be foreign to you, it is actually much simpler to implement than you realize.

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free gifts increase subscription

Your first step is to understand your target audience. What are they on your page looking for? What would entice them? This is what you need to be able to offer them in exchange for their subscription. If you do not have a product that is appealing, then the idea of getting something free will not work. So you have to focus some time on locating or creating exactly the right free item. If you know the people you are trying hardest to reach then this will not be a problem. Perhaps they came to your site to receive information. You could provide them a bit of that information free in exchange for subscribing to your mailing list.

Once you have established what you will offer, then you need to come up with how to implement it. Obviously you need traffic in order to achieve your goal. You may decide to advertise the free product on your website. If you provide enough links for your visitors then you will find that many of them opt to sign up and receive their gift. However, there are other ways to reach them as well. You can offer the same deal on social networking sites. Many times you will reach fans that may not be currently visiting your website. Give them a chance to sign up and then you can send their free item.

Never stick strictly to the free item. Do give it to your subscribers right away, but do not let that be the end of your communication. You now have an email list. This was your goal and is a dream come true for marketing. Take advantage of it. Use this time to promote the other deal that you have available. Whether it is simply more information that is paid for, a product or even a service; this is the best time to approach your subscribers.

Building an email list can be difficult. You need the subscriptions, but getting people to subscribe requires a little extra work. Not everyone likes to receive random emails. If you create the ideal product, market it correctly and use that opportunity to connect with your audience then you will find that you have much more success with your online venture. What may have seemed too difficult before will be much more reachable. Free products may not be bringing in income in the short-term, but in the long-term they can prove to be quite profitable.

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