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Free Blog: How To Start One

Steven Feb 25, 2013 4 responses Blogging

Starting a blog doesn’t cost a whole lot of money – $10 for a domain name and less than $10 a month for web hosting. Still, there’s something to be said about that old saying, “A penny saved is a penny earned.” If you’re concerned about money you can start a blog for free.

Why Use A Free Blogging Platform?

Obviously, the biggest reason to use a free blogging platform is because it’s free.

If you’re starting your very first blog, a free platform, like Blogger.com or WordPress.com is a good place to start so you can get some experience under your belt before you invest in your own blog. It’s like getting some training or job experience before you move up to the corner office.

A free blogging platform is also a good place to start a personal blog or a number of personal blogs. For example, a friend of mine has a few dozen Blogger blogs because he likes to write about all kinds of things but not enough to warrant the expense of domain names and web hosting.

Affiliate bloggers like to use free platforms to start their new blogs until they find out if it’s really a market for the product they’re promoting. If they can generate the traffic and conversions on the free blog they either convert it to a paid subscription, export their content and set up their own blog or they build their own self-hosted blog and use the free blog for their initial backlinks.

Why You Shouldn’t Build A Free Blog

There are a lot of reasons why you should not start a blog for free. As the saying goes, “There’s no such thing as a free lunch.

With some sites you have limited choices for monetizing your blog, you’re restricted in what you can blog about, and you may even be restricted in how much traffic you can receive. Some sites will let you blog about whatever you want, but they’ll put their own ads on your blog. It’s also important to remember that these sites are owned by someone else – someone who may someday decide he wants to either sell the site or shut it down completely.

How To Start A Blog For Free

It’s easy enough to start a blog for free. Just do a search for free web hosting or free blogging platform and you’ll find plenty of sites.

The three most popular and most reliable sites for a traditional blog are Blogger.com, WordPress.com, and Weebly.com, and with each of these sites you can either blog on a subdomain or use your own domain name.

If you just want to try out a few pages or test out a new product, you might also enjoy some of the non-traditional sites like Squidoo.com and HubPages.com. In fact, many online entrepreneurs make a good amount of money working with these sites alone and never bother starting their own blog.

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  1. Rhonda Greer
    Rhonda Greer

    Thanks for the pros and cons of starting a free blog. This should help anyone who may be on the fence in deciding the value of a free blog.

    1. Steven

      Thanks for your comment Rhonda. What about you? What type of blog are you building?

  2. sherman smith
    Sherman Smith

    Hey Steven, these are some great insights on how to start a free blog, but more importantly why to start one. This is how I started blogging and just from this, I got a lot of experience from the world of blogging. Probably the most of what i got from it is that I reteach myself what I just learned… Thanks for sharing!

    1. Steven

      Thanks a lot for your support Sherman! I’m glad you liked this post.

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