Free Blog Profits: How To Make Money With It

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In the beginning, blogs were meant to be nothing more than online journals. It was not long until several people learn that it is possible to generate a full time income stream by maintaining their own blog.

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It is easy to set up a blog of your own on a topic that interests you. In addition, a large number of easy-to-install plugins are available and you can find several free places to post your blog.

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You can generate income from blogging in a number of different ways, even if you are not a professional writer. Tools are available to help you place affiliate ads on your blog, making it easy to create a successful stream of income.


Google offers free program called AdSense. To get started, simply create a Google account or use the AdSense plugin. The ads are customizable to a certain degree. Essentially, Google crawls your blog site and sends ads that are relevant to your content to specific locations.

Monetized Blogs

Most likely, the template that you select for your free blog will have specific spaces or widgets that make it easy to monetize your blog with affiliate ads. You may also want to consider selling advertising space on your blog site to other blog owners and websites, and put them in the specified areas on your free blog template.

If you want to sell advertising space on your blog, you will need to spend some time focusing on attracting traffic to your blog site. Once you have achieved a high page rank and have a large number of regular readers, more websites and blog owners will be interested in posting their ads on your site.

Donating To Charity

You can use your blog to attract attention to your favorite charity and raise money for a good cause as a way of increasing potential income. You can use the money that you earn from affiliate ads to generate income for the charity. Another approach is to include ads on your blog that relate to a certain charity and donate a portion of the proceeds. For example, if you want to create a blog on women’s health, you can donate some of the money that you earn toward breast cancer awareness or another related cause.

Search Engine Optimization

If you are going to become a successful blogger, you must become fluent in search engine optimization; or at least be willing to hire someone who is. If you want people to find your blog, your site must be optimized for the major search engines.

In addition to having optimization settings, you should also have several available plugins. You can also research keywords to determine what people who may be interested in your site are searching for on the Internet. Once you know what keywords to use, simply place them creatively on you home page and in the articles that you post.

The most important thing about maintaining a blog is that it is easy to navigate and interesting to read. Remember that consistency is key, so make sure to add content and update your site on a regular basis.

When you're learning how to blog online for money, you need to understand that the very first step is to create a website. If you're interested in starting your own blog, I have written a step-by-step guide that will show you how to start blogging for money for as little as $3.49 per month (this low price is guaranteed only through my link). You will also receive your own domain name for free ($15 value) by clicking on this link and purchasing at least 12 months of hosting with BlueHost. Keep in mind that if you're learning how to blog for money, the first thing you need is your own self-hosted website. It will help you look more professional in front of your visitors, clients, companies, and everyone else.

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  1. Azhar@hubhit

    Thanks for writing about this.I will use this to make some bucks.

  2. Thanks for this. But it’s not that simple, I mean easy or fast for your blog to generate income. I think it still takes time and lots of strategy before you can really monetize your blog, big enough to quit your day job. That’s why I haven’t started my own blog–yet. Perhaps some time.

    1. Absolutely, whatever the mean, making money with a blog takes time and effort!

  3. You have said that “If you want to sell advertising space on your blog, you will need to spend some time focusing on attracting traffic to your blog site.” Can you say how much is the minimum traffic (in a month) for a blog to receive adsense ads.

    1. There is no ultimate rule to that. It’s up to you to start setting ads whenever you want. However, you’ll notice that you won’t make more than a few cents if you do that with barely any traffic.

  4. Bobby

    What is the best free blog site to use? Can you generate income from ads and have say over placement of ads on free blog sites?

  5. Siddharth

    Won’t it charge me any for subscription???

    1. What are you talking about??

  6. Prabhanjam India It Solutions

    Thank u for Your useful informations…

    1. You’re welcome

  7. Shannon Macri

    Only 1% of all affiliate marketers ever make even a part time income with a blog. Too many people are being lied to. If the average person knew the amount of work it took to earn an online living with affiliate marketing, they’d quit before they were ever to consider starting.

Learn how I made $36,482 online in the past 12 months.

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