Font & Design: The Hidden Power Of Your Blog Font

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The fonts you use on your blog have a much larger effect than you might imagine.

Sure, that colorful, crazy font in your header sends the message that you’re a force to be reckoned with, but that’s not the font I’m talking about.

Did you know that you can subconsciously influence your readers with the fonts you use for your content?

Yeah. I though you might like that one.

What’s the Best Font for Your Blog?

That’s an easy one: The font that gets the job done. And what job does your font have to perform? It has to be read. That’s it. The font isn’t there to decorate your page. It’s not there to attract more attention. The main goal for any font is just to be read.

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But That’s Crazy. All Fonts Can Be Read.

Yes, they can, but some can be read more easily than others. And what’s the one lesson I’ve repeated over and over again, all over this blog? You job, as a blogger, is to eliminate every obstacle between your reader and the Buy Button. When you make your content easier to read, you’ve eliminated another obstacle.

Fancy Fonts VS Simple Fonts

I’ll admit, there are some pretty fancy cool fonts and some free fun fonts out there that are also easy to read. You could get a little wild with your font styles and use some tattoo font styles or maybe some calligraphy fonts… So why not use them if they add a little spice to your page?

According to an article at SocialTriggers, there’s a whole psychology behind fonts selection.

In one test, two groups of people were shown a set of directions, one written in a simple font and the other in a fancy font. The people who received the directions in the simple font estimated that it would take 8.2 minutes to complete the task. The people who received the exact same directions printed in the fancy font estimated that it would take 15.1 minutes to complete the same exact task.

Why? Because the directions printed in the fancy font looked more complicated. What’s that mean to you? When you write your How-To blog posts with a simple font your readers will sub-consciously assume the task is easier to complete than it may actually be. When they complete the task successfully, you’ll look like a star.

In another test, two groups of readers were shown identical restaurant menus, one printed in a simple font and the other in a fancy font. The people reading the menus printed with the fancy font assumed the chef had more skill.

What’s that mean to you? When you’re trying to make an impression and showcase your expertise on a sales page, use a fancy font. Sub-consciously your readers will assume you’ve put more effort into researching your product recommendations.

Size Matters, Too

Most blogging platforms have a default setting of 10 pixels using the standard, simple fonts that are visible in all browsers. Even if you have perfect 20/20 vision, 10 pixels is small and difficult to read for more than a few seconds. Increase your font size to a minimum of 12. If you’re really brave, try 14 and watch your bounce rate drop and time on site increase. Both of which lead to increased conversions.

So what’s the best font to use for your blog? Your main font, the font you use for your regular blog posts and pages, should always be one of the standard, simple fonts, set at 12 to 14 points. Save the fancy fonts for your sales pages when you need to showcase your expertise.

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  1. Keith Warren

    There is some good advice presented here…maybe you should lead by example and actually display excellent typography. Kudos for addressing the issue.

    1. I’m not sure to understand what you mean Keith. Is there any problem with fonts on Dukeo?

Learn how I made $36,482 online in the past 12 months.

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