Error 404: Off Page SEO Basics

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This post is a follow-up of last week post about SEO: Off Page SEO: Technical Pages. I invite you to read this previous post as well. If you would like to have a whole picture of my SEO guide, you can check the series from the very first post: Comprehensive introduction to WordPress SEO.


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Error 404

When some of your webpages are removed or don’t exist, the webserver returns a 404 error. The page displayed when this error is returned is totally customizable, and it is strongly advised to do so.

Offering a webpage to your visitors with the same layout as the other pages of your site and with a high number of clickable links to other content will significantly decrease the bounce rate usually generated by an error page.

Tip: How to design your 404 page? It must use the same layout as the other pages. All the links to your categories should be there. You can add a mini sitemap that will help your visitor locate some content that might be interesting for him.

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  1. I usuallt set my 404 page to being an offer (ie squeeze page or something similar)

    1. That’s an interesting idea… I should probably put a signup form for my email newsletter on my 404 page.

Learn how I made $36,482 online in the past 12 months.

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