Email Subscription Confirmation: 5 Tips For Your Thank You Page

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When someone subscribes to your email list you’re given the chance to redirect them to a “thank you” page with most email marketing services such as AWeber and MailChimp. Few list owners understand the power of the thank you page and they either leave it blank, or do a really poor job of populating it.

In order to set the tone and make a good impression with your new list additions, it’s very important that you pull out all the stops on your thank you page.

email subscription thank you

Here are five tips for you to implement on your thank you page:

  1. Don’t forget to say thank you! It sounds silly but lots of list owners forget to say thank you on their thank you page. Just to make sure you don’t forget, and your subscribers don’t miss it, make it stand out. Write thank you in bold, or underline it, or do it in a large font.
  2. Design is everything: don’t redirect your list subscribers to a bland looking webpage built in plain text. Send them to a page on a properly designed website with a nice logo and good branding. Make sure the copy on the page is perfect in order to create a good first impression.
  3. Give the subscriber a point of contact: tell your new list subscriber that they can contact you at any time, and give them some contact information. If you’re not keen on putting your email address on the website then just use a simple contact form plugin.
  4. Invite the user to look around your site: make sure you invite the user to look around your site – they may as well take a peek whilst they’re online. This makes your subscribers feel welcome, and it may even bag you some sales with minimal effort.
  5. Tell the user what they can expect in newsletters: make sure you tell your users what kind of things you’ll be sending them in your email messages. If you plan on offering discount codes or running competitions make sure you tell them in order to whet their appetite.

These are just five tips that you can implement on your thank you page. Don’t be one of those people who overlooks their thank you page – because it’s a very important part of your marketing project. Remember people might take one look at your thank you page and then hit the unsubscribe button – which is exactly what you don’t want.

Your thank you page is your first proper interaction with the user, so make sure it’s a good one, and it’s an interaction that they’ll struggle to forget.

When done properly email marketing is very profitable. In order to make maximum sales through email marketing it’s very important that you nurture a relationship of trust, transparency and openness with your list. Your thank you page is the very first step that you will take in forming that relationship with your subscribers.

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