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Email Spam: I Need Latin America Traffic Stephane

Steven General

Stephane If you have Latim America Traffic. We have the deals for you! over 15 high converting direct from advertiser! please contact aaron**@gmail.com for immediate access. I am also looking for Wap pubblishers. Aaron aaron**@gmail.com

Here is an email I received a few days ago. It inspired me this little guide if you want me to push traffic to your offers:

  • Make sure I know who you are
  • Let me know where I know you from
  • Give me details in your email
  • Use a professional email address
  • Proofread your email

I don’t know this Aaron guy even thought he knows my first name. I have no clue who he is working for. He is asking for Latin American Traffic but doesn’t tell the vertical he needs it for. The Gmail address is obviously a no-no. There are two typos in a 2 lines email…

This is typically the kind of email I put directly in my Spam folder to make sure he doesn’t bug me again.

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