Email Marketing Laws: Keep On The Right Side Of The Law

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When it comes to email marketing you have to tread pretty carefully, because there are all kinds of laws and regulations out there that govern the sending of commercial emails.

If you’re sending out messages with any kind of sales pitch in them, or even an affiliate link, those emails are considered to be commercial – so make sure you’re complying with any laws in your country – or the country you’re targeting.

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How not to behave

We’ve all heard the term “blackhat” used in relation to SEO, it can also be adopted for email marketers too. Generally blackhat means doing something you know you probably shouldn’t. There are lots of ways in which email marketers act in blackhat ways, here are just a few:

  • Scraping emails from the web: The biggest rule about email marketing is that the people on your list must have given you permission to message them. If they haven’t, you’re spamming. Some people think it’s OK to go out and scrape thousands of emails from the web, then direct spam at all those addresses. It’s not OK, that is not how email marketing is done.
  • Scams: For whatever reason people try to orchestrate scams through email marketing. It’s probably the oldest trick in the book by now, and 99.9% of internet users are wise to email scams – making them a total waste of time.

The thing is that if you put the same effort into a whitehat email marketing campaign as you do a blackhat one, the results can be pretty much the same. People don’t like the thought of having to put the work in, in order to build a list.

People don’t like the thought of having to spend time forging a bond with subscribers in order to gain their trust. But the fact is that whitehat marketing is not only ethical – it’s also much more profitable in the long run.

There’s lots of money to be made by email marketing – there’s enough to go round everyone. There’s no need to embark on shady campaigns using blackhat tactics because in the long term it’s not a sustainable business model.

Laws around the world are different when it comes to spam, but the fact is they will only get stricter as more people try and take the easy road of blackhat email marketing.

It is very important that you start out how you mean to go on as an email marketer. The tools you need aren’t expensive at all – and access to an email marketing service like AWeber will cost you less than $20 per month! All you need then is a method to get people to subscribe to your list.

We’ve all received a spam email message at some point or another, and we all know how annoying they are. If you’re serious about making money online through email marketing then it’s well worth doing things properly from the outset and channeling all your energy into building a strong, legitimate list.

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