Email List Segmentation: Test Your Subscribers’ Response

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In marketing most advertising campaigns undergo a process known as “split testing”. This is basically a process of trying out lots of different variables in order to ascertain which variables work the best in tandem in order to produce the high sales figures, and the best conversion rates.

By segmenting your email list you can do the email marketing equivalent of split testing, and try out variables like different email copy and different offers to promote.

segment your email list

Is it worth it?

Realistically only you can determine whether or not it’s worth segmenting your list. After your initial few runs you should look at the time spent on segmenting your list, versus the return that you’ve seen.

If you find that profits are up after segmenting lists then you might want to continue doing it. But if you find that sales have dropped or remained the same, you might find that there’s no obvious benefit to segmenting the list that you own.

Permanently segmenting your list

It’s no secret that if you target marketing messages to people who are interested in the products you’re selling, you’re far more likely to see conversions. You should bear this in mind with email marketing, and you should do your best to break your lists down into smaller sub-lists, based on the interests of subscribers. You can then look to promote the most relevant offers to them – thus increasing conversion rates.

You can segment your list through click-tracking and conversion data – if you send your list information about a great new product and only 25% of people open the email, make sure you make a sub-list featuring these people. You then know that if you promote this product again, or a similar one, this is the core of people that you should be looking to target it at.

You should keep the segmenting of your email list really simple to start with. Look at the data you have available to you, and find a variable that you can segment it on. You should continue to segment it in layers, working with just one or two criteria at a time.

It will certainly take time to segment your list to a point where you’ve got lots of smaller highly targeted groups, but it’s well worth investing the time to do it slowly and properly, instead of rushing it and destroying your entire list.

Make use of all the tools that you have around you in order to make your segmenting efforts successful. One of the best divides that you can draw on your list is to pull prospects away from existing customers.

Use things like click tracking to establish which users are receptive to your emails and keep them on a separate list. You’ll then know who is willing to part with cash and who’s not – and you can work closely with the people who aren’t in order to build up a level of trust with them.

Segmenting a list is a great way to split test email messages, but it’s also a great way to ensure that highly targeted emails are sent to the correct recipients.

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