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Email Follow Up: How To Set Up The Most Effective System

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One of the biggest reasons that people fail in their online venture is because they lack the follow-through that some people need. It is easy to visit a site and then forget about it later. People do it every day. If, however, you have set up an email follow up system, you will have a higher chance of catching the potential customer at a time when they want what you have to offer. The hard part is creating that campaign and getting people to sign up for it. When you know how to do that you will see the potential it can bring.

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  1. Choose the right software to work with on your email campaign: There are a variety of choices and they each offer their own advantages and disadvantages. Do your research and make sure that you select the one that will meet your needs the best. It should be able to handle managing your list while also sending messages on a schedule you have chosen.
  2. Give people a reason to sign up: Most people are not going to simply sign up because the option is there. They are aware that it will bring email and they might hesitate at receiving it. What they need is a valid reason to complete the sign-up process. The best way to do this is to offer something in exchange for that email address. Give them more information, a free book, a newsletter or anything else that will entice them to opt-in. This is your one chance to connect with them past your initial push.
  3. Create a catchy design: Most of the email list management software will let you create a design that suits you. There are often templates available that can be used so that your email stands out from the crowd. Pick the one that suits you best and use it for all of your communication.
  4. Look at your own words for content: Believe it or not, you have likely already created plenty of content for your email campaign. You just may not realize that you have. What you have to do is look through your site, your email and your other correspondence for what you may have said that your potential customers might need to hear. You will likely find enough material for several emails so that you can keep trying to entice your list to follow through.
  5. Put it together and get it started: Once you have all of the components sorted out, all you need to do is put it all together. Get your schedule set up and let the software handle the rest. Be sure to space the emails out so that they draw attention without being pestering.

Your follow up system could be the difference between your success and your failure. However, it is not nearly as complicated as you might initially believe. You have said the words a thousand times. Now you simply have to say them when they count the most.

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  1. I have doubts about #3. I’ve heard numerous times that it’s better to send your list text only messages. Considering a lot of people read their emails on smart phones I have to agree with that.