Email Broadcast: A Better Way To Promote Your RSS Feed

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Do you know what that big RSS button on your blog is used for? Don’t feel bad. Most people don’t. Even most bloggers don’t know what it’s for. That’s why it’s a good thing you’re reading this now, before you figure it out. Now you won’t have to un-do something so you can re-do it the right way. Because there’s a better way to promote your RSS feed. Use an email broadcast.

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RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication and all that big, orange blog really means is that people who visit your blog can click on it, click on another link, and boom! Every time you post something in your blog they get an email. Syndication equals publishing the same content in multiple locations. You’re publishing your blog content in and email and sending it directly to the reader. Hence, RSS – Really Simple Syndication.

Some blogging platforms, some servers and some themes offer a standard RSS link, but most people either don’t know it’s available or they choose not to use it. Most bloggers who do use RSS to gain more subscribers go with If you’re promoting an RSS link, then chances are you’re using Feedburner, too. has several attractive features – you can track stats, your subscribers are offered a variety of feedreaders to use, and you can even monetize your feeds. But one of the best benefits is that your subscribers can opt-in for email updates from your blog. You entire post will be emailed directly to their email provider of their choice, and they never have to visit your blog again.

Now before you panic and think that RSS is a bad thing because if they can read your blog posts in their email they’ll never visit your blog again, relax. It actually promotes loyalty among your readers. Without the advantage of getting your blog posts in their email, a lot of your readers would eventually forget about your blog and stop visiting altogether. But when they see it pop up in their email 3 or 4 times a week, they’re more likely to keep reading. And when they like what they read they visit your blog anyway so they can leave comments. So chill!

OK. So now we’ve established the value of promoting your RSS feed and getting your readers to subscribe. The only problem is, you’re using that big orange button to ask them to subscribe to your feed and you’re using an opt-in form to ask them to subscribe to your list. An better way to promote your RSS feed would be to tell your readers to join your list.

Aweber offers you the option of setting up an RSS feed for your email list. By inserting the RSS link for your blog, your blog posts are emailed to all of your list members, just like they would be with Feedburner. The difference is, you can also send other types of content via email when you use Aweber. With Feedburner, the only thing you can send your subscribers are your blog posts. With Aweber, you can send them you newsletter, your special offers and all your other assorted marketing materials.

Essentially, you’re killing two birds with one stone if you promote your RSS feed with Aweber.

Should you take that big orange button off your blog and ditch the Feedburner link? No way! Never eliminate a possible avenue for promotion. Just realize that most of your readers aren’t subscribing because they have no idea what it is or how to use it.

What about stats and tracking?

Not to worry. Set up a Feedburner feed, or use the one you already have, and when you use it to set up your email broadcasts at Aweber they’ll automatically report the stats to Feedburner. That way, if you have people subscribed with Feedburner and other with Aweber, you’ll be able to track both sets of stats.

How To Set Up Your RSS Blog Broadcast At Aweber

It’s easy, really. Just go to Messages at the top of the page and select ‘Blog Broadcast’. Input your Feedburner link, select how frequently you want the emails to go out, and you’re done.

How To Get Subscribers

To encourage your readers to subscribe you can place a standard Aweber opt-in form and tell them about the benefits of having your blog posts sent directly to their email. For example, if you post 3 or 4 times a week like most bloggers, you can sell your readers on one weekly email that includes all of your blog posts. That way they don’t have to make time to visit your blog 4 times a week.

You can also go that typical route and offer them some incentive – subscribers will receive a special weekly newsletter or a free guide or gift. You know what it takes to entice your own readers. Just get it set up because using Aweber email Blog Broadcasts is a much better way to promote your RSS feed.

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  1. Hi Steven, this is an awesome tip. I did not realize that you could autobroadcast your posts with aweber.

    This is something I need to jump on asap. Thanks again Steven. More aweseome info from Dukeo.

  2. Marquita Herald

    Great tip and I’m already using Aweber. Thanks!

  3. Affiliate Manager

    I keep my RSS feed and my AWeber newsletter separate. I tell users that they subscribe to my RSS feed to receive my posts in their inbox on the page they subscribe to my newsletter on. Maybe I should combine it. I know most people do.

  4. Ajnabii

    Awesome tips, I am using feedburner but very soon I will with Aweber.

    Thank you.

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