Effective Link Baiting: 6 Ways To Ensure Success

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In this post, we’re going to talk about what it takes to use link baiting techniques successfully, so you don’t end up with a bad reputation.

You’ve probably tried to use a few link baiting techniques yourself.

Every blogger runs list posts, and controversial posts and useful, high-quality content.

But they don’t always pull in the links.

What makes one list post or rant post different from another?

Factors for Effectivelly Generating Incoming Links

1. Luck

I know you don’t want to hear it but sometimes it’s just a matter of luck. Somebody shares your link on Facebook and it gets passed around for a day or two. Then somebody with a huge Reddit following who’s never seen your blog before sees your link on their wall, visits your blog and notices you have a Reddit sharing button and what the heck they haven’t shared anything on Reddit for a while so they might as well share this and… well, it was just luck, pure and simple.

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2. They make people talk

People link to blog posts that make them think, and that make them want to discuss the content with their friends. Don’t just give them information, give them a unique way of looking at it. People are more inclined to discuss ideas, so give them something that makes them sit up and say, “I never looked at it that way. I need to tell my readers about this.”

3. They choose the right topic

In every niche there are topics that are necessary, but they’re just boring. But there are also topics that always create some kind of excitement and attract a lot of attention. Look back at your posts that have a lot of comment activity and those are the topics that will bring in the links.

4. They have an attention-grabbing presentation

When infographics were first introduced it didn’t matter if they were good infographics or not. Just the fact that they were something colorful and new brought in the links. Do something different and WOW! your audience.

5. They promote their linkbait

Some bloggers get a little help promoting their content. They’ll blast an email to their list and encourage everyone to share, or they’ll contact members of their blogging network and have them help cross-promote. Again, as I mentioned above, there’s nothing at all special or predatory about this method. It’s just a basic blogging practice.

6. They make it easy to share

You can do a lot of things to make it easy to share your content, like making sure you have sharing buttons or giving visitors a link they can just copy and paste. But the best way to make your content easy to share and link to is just to create fresh, unique, quality content. That’s what turns all of the basic blogging practices into successful link baiting techniques.

No matter what link baiting technique you use, your readers and other bloggers will all link to it because it’s relevant and it provides value.

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